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Think of how amazing the World Wide Web would be by now if everyone was a qualified website builder! Wouldn’t it be great if we were all taught how to program HTML, PHP and JavaScript at elementary school? Everyone could have pretty much free websites in that scenario, we would have coded our own site and be competent affiliate marketers and service providers at age 13. That’s never going to happen in the foreseeable future and its already too late for most of us to learn a whole new subject again, even if our brains could deal with learning such a difficult subject like computer programming.

So what are the remaining options?

Make do with a monstrously badly coded single page with no moving parts or keywords that our neighbor knocked up in Microsoft FrontPage during his day off? Get a Techie from the far-east somewhere to put one together? Perhaps go to evening classes and learn to code a programming language; not just one either, most websites need more than one language to function if any kind of professional result is expected. The other alternative is to hire some professional services. All well and good but if you are starting out in business, hiring a website designer may not be affordable and will typically be a time-consuming process.

Wix is your Flash-y Solution

There is another alternative though now. The advent of Flash programming many years ago was first seen as a way to add animations to web pages. Flash now has 15 years of development invested in it and can be used to program complex and impressive web pages. “But I didn’t learn Flash programming either at school!” is the thought probably in your head now “How does the fact that Flash has become more complex help me at all?” Well those who did spend years at programming school have produced a Flash program that puts free website authoring back into the hands of the masses. At, users can build their own free websites all based on a series of user-selectable and highly adjustable templates. The complex coding has already been done so you don’t have to know about it. In just a few minutes, and the time taken to add a paragraph about your intended product or service, some contact details and a few images you can be done. A basic landing page (homepage) can take only 10 minutes from start to finish. There’s nothing else like it, certainly not where you can make a free website for yourself and customize it with no prior knowledge of script programming or HTML. This is a great service and would suit anyone – even a large business could use these templates as they are customizable and so many different page styles, widgets, pop-ups and features can be added and also modified in the future.

Stunningly simple to use

The process is stunningly simple; Users create an account at the website (20 seconds at most) then upon logging in, are offered a wide range of categorized absolutely free templates to choose from. Help-assisted menus appear as the mouse passes over the components, so if you need a carousel of pictures, just select from the menu and drop one wherever on the page you need it. Need the carousel to show short videos? That can be done too, with simple commands that are user-friendly and uncomplicated. These templates due not merely produce colored pages with a banner at the top and a space for your details with a picture or two; they include fully functional picture/video carousels, audio streaming, e-commerce capabilities, can include affiliate advertising and in fact, more widgets and features than I can describe here and more than many professional website programmers can provide!

If you can type your own name…read on!

What is even better is that the look of these templates can easily be changed to match your preferred color scheme and font types. The website builder at will create a unique website design for you that can be a reflection of your company’s image and style. Users don’t need to know much about how to make a website, it’s already done for you. If you can type your name, you are already now a qualified web designer with Don’t get stuck in the foothills, create your own free website with this great new website builder and head for the peaks – your site can stand out, far above the crowd and best of all, it’ll be a free website!

CreativeFan has compiled a nice inspirational post highlighting 15 Gorgeous Flash Websites Created using Wix. I have showcased 2 Below and to check out all 15 you should visit CreativeFan or click on any of the two images below.

Make Your Own Website with WIX.COM

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