Invoicing Made Painless with FreshBooks

Dealing with business paperwork the old-fashioned way seems so archaic considering the number of helpful online tools available to small business owners these days. That’s why I gave FreshBooks a spin – it’s the #1 cloud accounting solution for small business owners – and has been a dream to use in my own business.

What’s great about FreshBooks is that it’s really easy to use, but still includes everything I need to run my business effectively. With a few simple clicks, I’m invoicing clients online, getting paid quickly and focusing on my work, not my paperwork.


The advantages are easy to spot, as you get your own “business health” dashboard after logging in. Instead of manually creating invoices in Word or Excel, you pop into FreshBooks and send an invoice off to a client’s email or physical address in no time at all.

Plus, everything can be done from the device of your choosing because FreshBooks offers amazing iOS and Android apps to complement its web-based application. It also integrates with a wide range of business tools you may already be using, including Wufoo, Mailchimp, Stripe, Zen Payroll, Capsule and Paypal.


The free forever account allows you to unlimitely invoice 3 clients or less, and once your business grows (4 clients or more) do you need to start paying. For those with bigger clientele, there are three plans, each with different features to suit your needs. They’re priced at $19.95, $29.95, and $39.95 respectively.


Probably the best part about FreshBooks is their business reports. Having these means you save a ton of time and effort – no more going through your records one-by-one at tax time! Whether you need a profit and loss report, to pull up time tracking sheets on your contractors, or grab a tax summary for your accountant, it’s all inside FreshBooks and done for you automatically.

A common problem that I’ve encountered with other similar services was importing PayPal transactions, so it came as a surprise to see FreshBooks does a clean and quick import, and even categorized everything for me without issue. You only can pull transactions 3-6 months old though, but hopefully in the future they will improve that.


Freshbooks is the best cloud accounting solution I found to keep my business books organized, and I’m truly getting paid faster than before. It’s intuitive, cost effective, and ideal for freelancers, designers or bloggers. Give it a try yourself by starting their 30-day free trial.

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  1. Reply Mark Goodwine March 24, 2014 at 2:25 PM

    Hi guys,

    I totally agree with you that Freshbooks is probably the best and most comprehensive invoicing solution out there. But alot of smaller players are well worth considering. The first “underdog” solution that comes to my mind is Nutcache. Nutcache is a multilingual invoicing and time tracking application like many others out there. But what makes Nutcache really stand out of the crowd is that everything is free for ever, as stated on their website. Just to let you know…


    Mark Goodwine

  2. Reply Arianna March 31, 2014 at 8:58 AM

    Ya same with me…..I totally agree with you and wanna to take a forward steps with you guys.


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