Learn How You Can Best Use the Latest CMS In 2017

To begin with, it would be wise to understand what is meant by the acronym CMS. Depicted as Content Management System, it simply implies that you can deal with content right from your website. It does not really matter how small or big your business is; the CMS software is not something you would wish to miss out on, especially in the current digital world.

At https://www.magenet.com/best-cms-2017/, we do believe that in order for you to enjoy the services of a great CMS, you do not need to focus only on content upload and management, but use it as a smart way of personalizing your content as well. As far as we are concerned, CMS come into main categories namely:

  • Open source
  • Closed source

What you mustn’t forget is that each of the two categories comes with its own advantages and drawbacks. Attributing to their setting options and competitive prices, the open source systems are the most commonly applied. However, these very systems tend to be the most ineffective and do not support customization.

On the other hand, while they may not flexible when it comes to settings, closed source systems are not only costly but safe and come with a customization feature. One good thing about the CMS systems is that they are available in an array of choices from which you can pick what suits your content marketing needs. The incorporated ready-made themes and plugins allow for easy use of the CMS software by people with little coding know-how. But if you understand coding, it is our bet that you will find the open source CMS along with its setting options very enjoyable.

CMS vs blogging platforms

Certain individuals have no idea about the difference that exists between the blogging platforms and CMS. Well, this is something that has eluded them considering that certain CMS platforms may have started as blogging platforms. However, the most important point to note here is that the CMS software is more urbane and comes with numerous options. With an endless list of plugins that widens your online scope, you can easily relay emails; take control of your content or trademark your site.

Besides, CMS differs from blogging platforms due to their varying hosting domains. Normally, while CMS platforms incorporate web hosting services, any blog on a given platform is hosted by the same platform. In this case, you must be prepared to remit some fee before your site is hosted.

That said and done, you will definitely find CMS platforms very handy when it comes online business.

Suitable CMS for different applications

Presently, the most commonly used CMS platform is Best blog CMS WordPress. While WP popularity may have declined in the recent times, it still plays a critical role in CMS. Looking at our analysis at https://www.magenet.com/best-cms-2017/, approximately 60 % users of CMS depend entirely on WP. Good examples of WordPress users include MTV News, BBC America, and Variety. This is attributed to the fact that WP is an open source and therefore does not require certification before using it.

Quite a good number of developers are consistently enhancing the open source platform through the inclusion of the latest plugins and themes. It is easy to personalize CMS to suit your site’s convenience.

Best e-commerce CMS

Are you an online shop owner? If yes, then you must be sure to choose a particular set of plugins for your business. Although there are numerous CMS systems offering unique e-commerce plugins; however, you can still look for the specific CMS systems designed with your e-commerce needs in mind. A good example is Magento which is mostly used by Cisco Systems, Nike, and 3m. It is basically among the top-rated ecommerce CMS in the business world.

Bottom line: There are actually many types of CMS systems and what you need is pick what suits your business needs. Visit us by clicking on the above link to learn more of these and how you can best utilize the CMS systems.