Livebrush – A must have for every Designer

We are always carting back and forth looking for design elements or vectors to use to spice up our latest piece of work. Usually ending in a time consuming state. Why not just create the thing you have in mind from the get go?

Now you can.

Introducing LIVEBRUSH


Livebrush is a interactive drawing application powered by the Adobe Air Platform and created by David Fasullo an Interactive Designer and communications enthusiast.

3 Questions with David:

1. What was your source of Inspiration to create such a awesome application?

David: Though a bit dated now, it started with my site. I wanted to create a tool that inspired unique interaction. But then I got addicted to playing with it as opposed to finishing it. And that’s when I first considered the practical applications of a motion-based drawing tool.

2. Are you going to get the community involved for Future developments of the application?

David: 100% yes, I need people better than me to help keep it alive and fresh.

3. What do you have in store for the Next update of Livebrush?

David: The most significant update so far as been the high-res and vector export features. Beyond those, there are a couple of big ideas that I can’t speak about until I’m 100% sure they’ll work. But I’m also excited about bringing the idea to other platforms, and in the browser. Otherwise, there’s an ever-growing list of internal and user-requested features in the works. Such as: zooming, actionscript export, tool tips, keyboard shortcuts, more dynamic controls, and plugin-like photoshop/illustrator integration. But for now, I’m focusing more on writing content and creating work for

David Fasullo

What is Livebrush: Livebrush is a interactive drawing application. It employs an easy-to-use brush tool that reacts to your gesture. By combining simple motion controls with brush styles, Livebrush offers a fun and unique way to create graphics, collages, abstract art etc. Creating graphics in Livebrush is as easy as drawing a line. Toss graphics around the screen or elegantly swing the brush around your cursor the options are limitless.


What can I do with Livebrush?

Create decorative flourishes and stylize patterns.

Create graphics for websites, posters and t-shirts.

Begin creating wallpaper and textures

Create your own styles and decorations to produce completely unique and original art.

Share your styles and projects to see how others remix your work.

Livebrush creates a new environment for anyone that has a creative eye to come up with some unique and good looking work, even if you don’t have a creative eye don’t fret you will sit around playing with livebrush countless hours on end.


Livebrush’s user interface is really simple to use, if you are fimialiar with photoshop you will see that Livebrush also works on a layers based system, which creates a new layer each time you click the mouse and create a stroke or shape. Livebrush is packed full of awesome features and options, you will never have to try and find something you need for your piece ever again.

Introduction to Livebrush

Livebrush currently has two versions released. The Free Version of Livebrush and the Pro Version. The Pro version which would set you back a mere $10 is really worth the money, the pro version contains features like High-Resolution Export, Vector Export, Canvas Sizes, Over 100 Styles & Decorations.

Free Livebrush Version

Pro Livebrush Version

David is continuously upgrading and making the Software better step by step. You can follow the development of the program here


Livebrush is on a steady road to becoming a very well known application for people a

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