Logo Inspiration: Letter B

When you look left you see logos, when you look right you see logos, when you look up you see the sky. Haha. My point is that logos are all around us and in the second installment of the logo inspiration series we focus on the letter B. These logos come from far and wide, different industries and different sectors. Have your picking and enjoy the inspiration.

1-broodjie 2-burger 3-belart 4-b 5-brand-guard 6-blaab 7-blackfox 8-b52 9-broodjie 10-bc 11-bwc 12-bodenheld 13-personal-brand 14-brevero 15-benmarz 16-grumblebee 17-blueberg 18-buzzread 19-bones 20-bookbinding 21-businessfirst 22-backgroundremove 23-baxu 24-belosa


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