Mobile Games that Redefine Graphics Appeal – Top 5 Picks

I have decided to make a quick list of five that can smoke out differences between digital and real; welcome to the 21st century of gaming. Right from the candy crushers to the rope cutters and modern Slot machine app collections that are loaded enough to make anybody drool. Let’s see what separates the greats from the goods with top picks from the world of graphically blessed mobile games.

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Infinity Blade III

It might come as a surprise for many to note that the real potential of mobile games in terms of the graphical level they could exhibit was shown in 2010 itself with Infinity Blade games ruling the roost, courtesy of their mind-blowing graphics’ quality. Developed using the Unreal Engine, Infinity Blade indeed makes the real world look unreal as compared to the richness of the graphics displayed on the device’s screen. With the sequels, the graphics quality has been setting new records, to the extent that it’s hard to imagine the future of mobile gaming without dreaming about a scene or two from the future of Infinity Blade.

The Monument Valley

Available both for Android and iOS, The Monument Valley is a different take at new age graphics delivery, and chooses to make a statement with purely ambient sounds accompanying the deceptively real and rich graphics. The protagonist of the game, Ida, is to be guided through a series of puzzles which are themselves Escher inspired. The visuals are gorgeous, the colors are somewhat muted, and ambient sounds add to the simplicity of the game’s design without taking anything away from the impact of the stunning richness of the graphics.

Modern Combat 5

Taking a cue or two from the responding success of Call of Duty, this ripper of a game has an army of Android, iOS and Windows phone users who vouch for its unmatched graphics. Many remark that Modern Combat 5: Blackout is as close to console 1st person shooting that mobile gaming has been able to reach, which is certainly a lot to say. Even if you don’t have a giant smartphone to run the game in its top notch graphics mode, you will have no second thoughts in agreeing to the inimitably of the graphics quality of the game.

Coin Rush

This radical new game will kindle the curiosity of any player. The game’s rules are simple, put a shiny coin into a machine filled with coins, gems, treasure chests, and even secret trap doors and get bonus coins each time your coin strikes something on the machine. The impressive 3D graphics and the intriguing gameplay of Coin Rush can be quite addictive. And the different variations that the game allows combined with the various items one can unlock, the game assures to provide endless hours of fun.

Godfire: Rise of Prometheus

A perfect blend of Greek mythology styled gaming and Unreal World gaming engine’s unique light effects on the screen, ‘Godfire: Rise of Prometheus’ is not to be missed for the world. Right from titans to mythologist began as a humble world of few colors spread unevenly over small pixelated screens is now a whole universe of all fine shades that reside between primary colors and all eye-popping design figures, fascinating weapons to amazing role based game design – this one is a real winner.

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