Moleskines: 7 Tips and Incredible Inspiration

Moleskines are used by almost every designer around the world to either build up a full book collage or sketch out client projects/ideas or just make lists of something. Moleskines have grown in popularity over the last few years with more and more products on the market. The demand on moleskines also soared over the last 2-3 years as people have noticed carrying around a A4 sketch book isn’t cool anymore. I suppose every designer/person has their own opinion of the use of moleskines, but that is a discussion for a totally different article. In this article I want to discuss some tips for using a moleskine to its full potential and then showcase some inspiring moleskines that will make you crave to start drawing.

In 2009 we posted an inspiration article titled – 100 Sketchbooks and Moleskines that will leave you breathless to say the least it was a enormously popular post, its even still being viewed a lot today. People love moleskines and so do we, so let’s get started.

7 Tips on using my Moleskine to its fullest potential

I can’t say that these tips will be worth using or work for everyone out there, like I mentioned earlier every person has his/her own opinion on how to make use of their moleskine and by all means, don’t let me stop you. This is just my little 2 cents worth of tips for first time buyers of a moleskine and how to make use of them in a fun, creative way.

  1. Make sure you don’t leave your house/apartment/villa/boat without your moleskine. You never know when in the day an idea or life changing thought will jump in your mind and you will need something to make a couple of notes or sketches to realize the idea. You never know when you will have to wait for something or someone either, having the moleskine with you will help you kill some time whilst waiting.
  2. Want to create a colorful, eye catching moleskine? Make use of different markers, pencils, pens in the moleskine. You can either make use of a lot of different colors on one page or change every page color as you start filling up the book.
  3. Create a storyboard throughout the entire book. Maybe you are an inspiring comic book artist or you’ve had the dream of becoming a screen writer? Why not start with page one and layout your title for the comic or collage and start drawing a story from then on wards? This will be a conventional interesting twist to the normal sketchbook like moleskine. You will also be able to look back many years from now and see what you created and perhaps it might have been such an good idea that you could actually have it redone and pitched. “Who knows?”
  4. Rewrap your moleskine and decorate both the front and rear with your own creativity. Sure a lot of people like the more professional covers and looks, but if you’re an artsy person why not go about being unique and take it to an entirely different level?
  5. A lot of people use their moleskines on a note taking basis, thus meaning their are always space left out on a lot of pages in the book, why not go back to your noted pages and add some creativity to those pages by filling the gaps and binding everything together.
  6. Keep your full moleskines. Don’t through your moleskines away once they are filled up. You will be surprised by how much joy it brings you in a couple of years when you look back at what you drew/constructed in the book.
  7. Make use of your moleskine, don’t buy it and just let it gather dust in the book shelf. Use it!

These tips aren’t written in stone, some of them are just guidelines, but don’t let me tell you what to do and how to use it. Do your own thing and be unique.

50 Moleskines to Inspire you

I hope you enjoyed the post, see you in the next one.

Jacques is an Entrepreneur and Founder of the An1ken Group. He recently launched a daily vlog on Youtube — JacquesvhTV. He started Creativeoverflow in 2009 as a hub for creatives. Connect with him: - @Jacquesvh - Facebook - Instagram - Pinterest