One Design Site To Rule Them All – Envato Elements

For starters, we at Creative Overflow love Envato! Briefly, Envato consists of 5 “products”; Market, Studio, Tuts+ (tutorials), Sites (coming soon), and the product I’ll be covering today, Elements. Quick side note, and I’m sure you’re already well aware, but the Envato community is pretty huge; consisting of over 6 million people across the globe; so you know it’s the real deal.

Envato Elements covers everything design. Specifically, their menu consists of 38 sub-categories which are headed by graphics, add-ons, fonts, graphic templates, presentation templates, web templates, and CMS templates. Check out the video below for a more in-depth introduction.

Now, enough about that – let’s really dive into Envato Elements. For me, there are 4 key highlights that really separates Elements from the pack.

1. Unlimited Downloads
You really don’t have to worry about limits or restrictions that will hold you back. Unlimited downloads for unlimited creativity! I love not having to worry about any limitations when it comes to the quantity of my downloads. The main reason being; too many times my vision for a project changes and I have to make adjustments. Unlimited downloads really gives you the freedom and peace of mind to make the necessary changes. Plus I’m almost certain that your wallet will love the low monthly fee of just $29 USD. But you better hurry, that price tag will be increasing soon when Elements makes the jump to a $49 USD Regular Plan price.

2. Big Community of Independent Designers
As I briefly mentioned above; the Envato community is big, and full of talented, passionate designers. You’ll have access to all of their work (9031 items to be exact.) Not only will you be getting variety, but you’ll also get plenty of quality work too.

3. Simple Licensing
The team at Envato really made things easy with a single license that will give you broad commercial rights. So no need to stress about infringements! I love the fact that if I need to use a previous download for something new, all I have to do is register that download again and I’m in the clear. Too easy.

4. Designers, You’ll Love The Revenue Share!
I stole this quote right off their website – “Envato believes that when the community succeeds, we succeed.” For that reason, the revenue share is a whopping 50%, ultimately giving designers a much better chance to live off of their work. It’s very evident that Envato cares about the design community and the design community really cares about Envato. Everyone wins.


To wrap this up I would say that I have personally really enjoyed my experience with Envato. I’ve never had an issue with their website, I love the content across all four of their products, and am a huge fan of the incredibly reasonable pricing.

Unlike many other design sites, Envato Elements gives its users unlimited monthly downloads which I think really removes creative barriers and restrictions. I also get a real sense that Envato is not only focused on their clients, but also the creatives who supply the content (hence the 50% revenue share agreement.) For this reason, Envato has been able to grow their community, increasing in both quantity and quality. I also really appreciate the fact that with Envato, I don’t have to sift through different licensing agreements. Everything falls under the same licensing and is very straightforward.

BUT… why listen to me right? The only way to find out for yourself is to check them out. I strongly urge you to do so!