Optimizing For The New Millennium: Core Internet Marketing Techniques

The internet has become a global phenomenon and barring cataclysm will continue to increase in size, influence, and utility. As a result, there are constant changes which at one time recommend a certain marketing technique, and at others make that same technique anathema.

For example, when search engines were burgeoning, a common practice known as “keyword stuffing” was used to increase the SERP-ranking of a given company’s web page. SERP is short for Search Engine Results Page. Approximately ninety percent of clicks happen on the first SERP and stuffing your content with keywords used to get you there. But as a result, many “automated” content articles were “spun”, and soon the first results on a SERP weren’t anything near what a user was actually looking for. So search engines optimized and created their own automated programs to detect keyword stuffing and prevent those results from showing up in the main SERPs.

Once stuffing was en vogue, today it’s a very bad choice that will virtually eliminate any possibility of ROI (Return On Investment). Understanding these marketing trends is key to remaining competitive, and often requires utilization of a trustworthy content creation agency. Web Design, Search Engine Optimization (or SEO), Social Media, and Content Creation are four of the most recommendable ways to increase your online presence, and you should find an agency who understands all four intimately.

Web Design

Older web designs would often have three-dimensional graphics and a cavalcade of flashy colors. Most of this flamboyant, visually uncomfortable style came from the excitement of exploring a new information medium. But as the internet has developed and professionalized, such styles are no longer appreciable and could decrease the credibility of your business’s website.

Additionally, the styles of today will be as outmoded ten years from now. Again, an agency is an integral, effective way of ensuring the appearance of your business’s internet branch is continuously effective and will keep drawing in new clients.


Search Engine Optimization will ensure that your content has been engineered to obtain the most views, and reach the broadest audience. Keywords are used proportionately, and effectively. SEO also refers to things like subject matter, outbound/inbound links, and pictures or video.

The right balance of these definitely requires a professional agency. Not only is development an issue, but continuing the quality of that development over time is integral to increasing ROI-yield.

Social Media

There’s no denying it: social media is huge right now. Twitter, Gmail, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn—there are so many more. Conducting a marketing campaign across all these social media arenas simultaneously can be time-consuming.

Ensuring that this campaign is productive is equally time-consuming, and requires a kind of temporal deposit. Momentum requires building, but viral instances of rapid spread can also be facilitated by the right agency.

Content Creation

SEO, Web Design, and Social Media optimization are nothing without the content which is used to intrigue potential clients. Content should be of that evergreen variety which is continuously useful even years down the line. It should also be readable, and not feel spun. Something to look for among content writers is latent semantic indexing; this ensures content is good for search engines and readers. Again, this requires time and professionalism.

Finding The Right Agency To Help Spread Your Business’s Web Presence
Organizations like this Portland web design company excel at building brand awareness. Since people are using the internet as a primary means of education, entertainment, and occupation today, meeting them where they spend their greatest amount of time is fundamental. To ensure ROI, look for agencies that offer optimization in content creation, web design, social media outreach, and SEO.