Outlining Mckill Surfboards Corporate Identity

Everyone loves seeing how people put together corporate identities. We rarely see someone take the time to put it all together in one place to showcase how everything is branded with logos, flyers etc. Casper Schelde Iversen from Denmark, took the time to put the entire identity together and then showcase it thoroughly in the end. Its really something inspiring you have to see. At the bottom you can see some concepts for the logo that he started with and then you can see what he ended up with. You will also see the different branding from the shop front, skateboards, surfboards and even clothing. Have a look and be inspired.

Artist: Casper Schelde Iversen
Info: Seek: To try to find, to look for, to search; To try to acquire or gain; to strive after; to aim at. Extremesports is about finding locations to practice your sport and about having the mental strength to do it. The goal may be to get better at a certain trick, feeling the rush as you’re in the middle of it or simply the joy of it. The concept and payoff “seek it” combines the 3. Searching for “spots” around the world to skate and surf, and looking for the courage and confidence within yourself to overcome the challenges you will encounter, to reach a set goal.

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