Pcnames – Domain Name Search Review

If you are a avid web junky and tend to buy up domain names that you think you will sell for a better price later on; Pcnames.com is the perfect tool for you. In this review we will have a look at the functionality and features of Pcnames and show you why we love it so much.


Easy way to check and register available domain names instantly! Advanced tools for bulk domain earch, domain suggestion, deleted, expired, and premium domains for sale.

Instant Search

The first thing that caught my eye when I initially tested Pcnames was the fact that the search results were instant. You had results returned to you instantaneously and you could easily see which extensions were available at the time for the current searched domain. The beauty of this is that you are able to justify immediately if there is a open market for your unique domain or if someone had previously purchased a .com, .net etc. With the instant search feature, it makes searching for domain names a breeze. There is no more waiting time on the next page to load to display your results.

Previous Search Results

If you are like me and always search for more than one domain, you can see your previous search results displayed right underneath your current result. Pcnames gives you the option of displaying either 5, 10, or more previously searched results at a time. This makes going back to your previous searches easy and potentially gives Pcnames a greater chance to register more domain names through there site.

Bulk Domain Search

The bulk domain search feature makes searching for more than one domain at a time quick and easy and especially useful if you are looking to purchase a few domains at once. It gives you the instant search feature and shows you exactly which extensions are available for the current searched domains.

Domain Generator

Pcnames have developed their own unique domain generator tool. You are able to generate unique domain names through using the tool on their site. The tool makes sure that the generated domain name is available in all the extensions too

Pricing factors

Once you decide on a domain name to register you are able to click on the extension that you would like to purchase, let’s say the .com extension is your choice in this case. Once you click on the extension you have a little pricing tab that pops up displaying the most reasonably priced registrars that you are able to make use of to purchase the domain. It weighs up its options and outputs the best and most affordable pricing.

Reviewer’s Opinion

Pcnames is a great tool to use for searching and registering domain names. I have made use of this tool in the last few days to purchase 6 new domains and not only does it work great, search results are fast and accurate. I can say the name is a bit misleading on their end, simply that when I first heard of the website Pcnames, I thought it was referring to a computer shop or online shop. Nevertheless they did a great job with the tool and they can rest assured that they have me as a customer.

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