ProgeCAD A Great CAD Software Alternative

Most industries need CAD (Computer Aided Drafting) Software. The only problem is that the market’s leading CAD software is unaffordable for most business owners that do not make their living from drawing on CAD alone.

If you make your living producing CAD drawings, by all means, spend the money. But if you are for example, a graphic designer, electrician, or a security systems installer that merely needs to open DWG CAD format drawings sent to you by an architect requesting a quote, CAD software is a bit on the pricey side. This problem forces a lot of people to install illegal CAD software and lets face it, that one illegal CAD package can mean the end of your business.

The above mentioned problems and subsequent search for a solution, lead me to ProgeCAD.

ProgeCAD’s DWG format ensures complete compatibility with AutoCAD® WITHOUT ANY FILE CONVERSION and without loosing any information. ProgeCAD lets you export drawing files both in DWG and DXF format. ProgeCAD has got a familiar CAD interface and uses known commands. If you have had any AutoCAD® training there will be no learning curve on ProgeCAD.

The best part is that ProgeCAD costs a fraction of what commercial expensive DWG CAD software costs and rolling in at approximately $285 this is by far a great alternative.

ProgeCAD offers a free 30 day trial, so try it out and let us know what you think of ProgeCAD, it could be the CAD solution for your office.

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