Prototypo – The Simplest Way to Create Your Own Font from Scratch

As designers we always face the font challenge, what will we use and what are the usage rights? Now some of you might be saying that you’ve been creating your own fonts since day one and that’s great for you, but not everyone is a Jedi that can create fonts.

That is until Prototypo launched and turned font creation on its head. Now more than ever it’s easy to create your own font from scratch without a lot of technological understanding. Founded by Yannick Mathey and Louis-Rémi Babé out of pure passion for both type design and the urge to help solve problems.

Prototypo was founded on the premise that type design should be easy and accessible to anyone, not just the Jedi’s mentioned above. With Prototypo, anyone has the opportunity to create personalized fonts and export them to use on either a website or an application (i.e word, pages etc.)

Move the sliders above and see the font take shape.

Art director and co-founder of Prototypo, Yannick Mathey, explained the why behind the company in a short statement, saying “We’ve built Prototypo because we were frustrated by the difficulty of finding original fonts perfectly fitting our specific needs, and the months it takes to draw custom ones.”



Users can adjust the shape and proportion of each letter in the Latin alphabet to create a custom font that enhances visual identity and uniqueness. Once you’ve finished your writing in the text box, sliders located on the left of the text box can be adjusted to edit font and easily create something totally unique.



What makes Prototypo truly special is the simplistic interface and ease-of-use. Type design is as simple as playing around with their more than 30 editing sliders. Rather than worry about repetitive and sometimes complex actions, Prototypo automates tasks leaving users focused simply on design and appearance. To what extent the font is edited is up to the user.



For professionals, Prototypo gives you the benefit of originality without having to spend time-consuming and tedious hours editing fonts manually. If you’re a beginner or are inexperienced when it comes to type design, you now have the option of creating an original font without having to go through the grueling process of learning type design.

Avoid Legal Issues

When in doubt, assume that any commercial project would require a font license. Prototypo gives users the peace of mind when it comes to licensing and usage rights for the simple fact that you created it, it’s all yours! No need to stress or worry about copyright infringements!

Prototypo Community


Prototypo launched on Kickstarter with a goal of $15,000+. When the campaign was all said and done, they received more than $44,400 from 1,670 backers. This not only exceeded expectations but also thrust them into the graphic and type designers community worldwide. The application is trusted by more than 8,000 users from over 35 different countries, creating more than 10,000 unique fonts.


Prototypo provides users with functionality options, an incredibly simplistic interface and user experience, the option to create a completely original and unique font, the benefit of being worry-free regarding potential legal issues, and a growing community of international type designers. Consider this application the Canva for type design!

This article was written in partnership with Prototypo, but all views express in this article are my own.