Pursue your Passion and You’ll Never Work a Day in your Life

How would you feel if you could wake up every morning and do exactly what you love? There are people who choose to create a fun-filled environment with work, while others see it as a daily chore that is a means to an end. In this world, unless we are born into wealth and have the choice not to earn an income because of the income structure that is already put into place for us, we all have to do what we can to earn a living.

That being said, we have the choice to make work not feel like work, if we can learn how to monetize our passions. In this article, we will discuss some of the options available to people who are interested in creating an enjoyable working environment.

Teach your passion.

One of the easiest ways to succeed is to teach your passion to those people that have a genuine interest in what you do. You can achieve this by becoming a tutor, a teacher or a lecturer at universities or for online TAFE course institutions. The students that you will receive want to be there.

You will share the same interest and the classes will tend to be more of an interest topic discussion, rather than the traditional ‘I teach and you listen’ methodology. Furthermore, you will be able to dictate the practical activities according to what you feel is important for your students to learn, and customize the curriculum towards what you want to teach.

Work with great social peers.

If you can work in a field where people are like-minded and share similar interests to you, then work will feel more like a social club rather than work. It is likely that you will develop and forge new friendships and networks, while you will all be working towards achieving a common goal. Furthermore, you will share insights, trends, skills and more, that will see you and your workmates improve skillsets.

Work in a field that you love.

First and foremost, if you don’t want work to feel like a chore, then choose to work in a field that captivates your interest. There is a wide range of industries that have different pay scales. But if you choose to work in a field that you are not interested in, then you will feel bored and unproductive in your work. On the off chance, you may actually be good at what you do.

However, it is likely that your lack of passion will be apparent to your workmates and employers. If you are into horticulture, consider becoming a florist. If you love to take pictures, consider becoming a photographer. Don’t be in the position that you should do something that you are completely uninterested in, to solely earn a wage or salary.

Learn how to monetise what you love to do.

This will require more of an entrepreneurial approach. If you learn how to monetise what you love, then your ‘job’ will never feel like work and you will continue to get paid for it. There are many people who do this for a living. Firstly, find out how you can create a product or a service from your passion.

Secondly, identify a potential market that you can sell the products or services to. If the odds stack up in your favour, you can sell your passion to those that are seeking it. Furthermore, you may even be able to automate your business in a way where you will not really have to do any work at all.

Publish your passion

Another approach you can take is to publish information on your passion. You can do this by publishing blogs, editorial articles, videos or podcasts. It is all to do with what you love. You can specialise in areas such as news, reviews or launches, just to name a few.

So, there are a few ways to pursue your passion. Work doesn’t need to be work in the traditional sense. Earn well and live your dream.

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