Quick Tips and Traits on Unique Blog Designs

Since the coming of blogs into the internet media, many blog designs have emerged along the line. These blog designs can range from the simplest, the most beautiful to the weird blog page designs. However, out of millions of different blog designs that hit the internet every day, there are unique blog designs that come along with exceptional qualities. Qualities that can only be seen on computer screens and don’t work through reverse phone lookup. Sure the mobile age is here, but some designs are better viewed on a screen, it’s a fact.

Every blog design is, as a matter of fact, unique in itself. In this sense, all blog designs are unique blog designs. However, there are qualities that mark a blog design out from the crowd. As a blog page designer, you need to work on four key design elements, to make your page exceptional and unique from others. These four vital elements include simplicity, space, content, and navigation. Every Uniquely designed blog has ten essential traits that mark it out from others. Hence, the ability of the blog designer to manipulate these ten traits gives the blog a unique design. These ten essential traits include the following:

    1. Readability
    2. Focus On Content
    3. Easy Navigation to Contents
    4. Good Comment Section
    5. Integration with social networking sites and social media sites
    6. Good and memorable Header
    7. Effective visuals
    8. Semantic HTML structure
    9. Organized content
    10. God Title Design

    Based on these ten essential traits of an excellent blog design, it is very easy to spot out when your blog design is going the unique way. There are a few unique blog designs known to have explored these ten traits. It is vital that while designing your blog you take a clue from some of these unique blog designs. Some of such blog designs include the following:

    1. Hand Drawn Design

    Hand drawn blog designs come with a dose of artistry and natural aesthetics. The essential quality of such blogs is that they appear like fine art pages or with pure doodle-esque designs. Some major qualities of hand drawn designs are that they are customizable, and they often reflects the personal style of the designer, or blog owner. As a blog designer, there are over 40 hand drawn fonts on the internet to help you make a hand-drawn blog design.

    2. The Minimalists Design

    This blog design comes with lots of creativity. However, what makes it unique is the ability to utilize white space or negative space. It comes with simple topography and simple images. In order to use the minimalist design, a blog designer must be able to appreciate and communicate with space and simplicity of images and scenery.

    3. The Grid and Magazine Style

    The blog design has the peculiar quality of bringing order to chaos. When you have many blogs with a heavy dose of information to be squeezed into one, then the Grid and Magazine style helps you to manipulate page structuring, in order to bring a sense of order to the blog page. This is the perfect choice for news blogs. Examples of this design include Juice, Edition, and Champagne warehouse. There are many other unique blog designs a blog designer can draw inspiration. However, the fact is that what makes these blog designs unique is that they are able to employ the 4 essential elements and ten essential traits of a unique blog page design.

Sean is a designer, who is also an automotive enthusiast. Throughout his spare time he designs automotive related websites one being http://www.cashfortrucks.com. Sean currently lives in San Diego California.