QwikVu Helps You Easily Share Web Design Mockups with Clients

You are frantically working to finish off a project for your biggest client. The deadline is dawning and you just want to get the mockups to the client for approval so it can be signed off for development. However, getting all the files to the client is a task in itself. If you go about sending your mockups through email the quality of the designs might be ruined through the method the client previews them. There is so much that can go wrong in the process.

I have a solution for you that will help you solve the problem of worrying about preview methods though. Introducing QwikVu – The simplest way to share web design mock-ups with clients. QwikVu uses a unique preview setup for clients to view web design mockups at full resolution without you having to worry about it. It takes out the pain in the process and helps you successfully present your clients with high quality designs.

QwikVu makes your life so much simpler when working with clients. You get your previews and feedback all in one place.

Impressing your client is of utter most importance and when they see you making use of QwikVu to display mockups and get feedback, impressed isn’t the first word that will come to mind. QwikVu offers a lot of handy features and I definitely want to make you aware of them, so let’s go through them and see what the application offers.

Describing QwikVu in 1 minute

Multiple images using a single URL

The one thing you want to take away from the client is frustration in viewing mockups. With the ability to upload multiple images and display them through one URL, you give the client what they need all in one place. No need going to look for another email attachment or going through another link to find the mockups. With this easy to use feature, it won’t only make your life easier, but your clients too. The multiple images within a gallery is easily downloadable by the client as well. The bottom toolbar features a button that gives you the ability to download your files in a zipped folder, keeping everything together.

Custom URLs and Password Protected Galleries

There definitely has to be some sense of security when displaying client mockups. You want to keep the designs away from prying eyes or any competitors. QwikVu took care of this function by implementing password protected galleries and custom URLs. You are able to give each of your galleries a password only you and your client will know about and give the galleries a custom URL as well. Making it even harder for anyone else to actually find the gallery you are displaying on.

Get Client Feedback Immediately

When a client usually previews a mockup you have, they first have to go through a process of announcing the changes by pointing to certain areas of the design through a verbal description. This isn’t the case with the QwikVu previews. The client has the ability of adding a note directly to the design and moving it so the it indicates exactly where the changes are needed. This help you and the client with communication purposes regarding the changes and further design steps.

You know if your Client has viewed the mockups

If the email has gone out to the client, you will know when the client has opened the gallery. QwikVu’s gallery dashboard shows you if the gallery has been opened and if there has been notes added to the gallery or not. This saves you time in checking through the mockup gallery for notes.

QwikVu is Free and has a Premium yearly Plan too

An application that makes you and your clients life easier will usually cost a lot. However, QwikVu has a free plan that helps you get going and gives you 2 Galleries at a time free. This will help if you need to test and tryout QwikVu. The next package available is the Unlimited package that gives you unlimited galleries for $39/year. That is quite a deal isn’t it?

So, remember to check out QwikVu for the simplest way to share web design mock-ups with clients.

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