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We are always wondering which hosting service provides the Best Web Hosting and because of our lack of knowledge most of our time is wasted deciding which provider to go with, well that was until came along. They simplify the hosting selection stage for you and on top of that gives you some great deals to start off with.

There are tons of web hosting review sites on the net, but not all of them are always helpful and accurate. Sure this might not be the prettiest site that you have come across in terms of design, but it sure as heck is useful and up to date. Let’s see what some of the features are on the site.

Top 10 Web Hosting Services

Yes, gives you the Top 10 list of best web hosts in 2011. The list is compiled by making use of reviews, ratings and comments by the community and thousands of other people. You are sure to see who was rated 1st on the list and why so. This makes it much easier to narrow down your search for a hosting provider.

Web Hosting Coupons

Yes, the site ups its standards by providing you with discount coupons for a lot of hosting providers all over the world. The coupons start off with anything from $1 off your total order to anything like 50% off your order. There is some pretty great deals available and definitely worth being checked out.

Web Hosting Reviews

We always want to know what other people say about the different services provided and here we can find out. Each service is rated and reviewed with the option for you to see what they say about the company and its services. This helps a lot especially if you are on the hunt to find out which company provides the Best WordPress Hosting for your brand new website.

Web Hosting Guide

Something that you don’t see everyday is a web hosting guide. On you are presented with information that will help you define your needs and wants and help you settle on a hosting service that is right for you. Within the hosting guide you will find information regarding certain content management systems and domain registrations. All you need to start off with is located in there.

Now if you have time remember to check out for your hosting needs.

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