Renting vs Buying Your Printer

Businesses all over the world in every industry are always looking at the best ways to save on costs. However, this has become even more essential in today’s economic climate where cost effective decisions can make or break the success of a company.

With the increased need to save money wherever possible, the idea of renting office equipment has gained increased interest and now third party companies specialise in renting equipment such as printers and photocopiers to companies that may not want to buy these expensive items.

The choice to either rent or buy your office printer should be based solely on what type of business you are and what are your printing requirements.

Multi-functional printers

Multi-functional printers can be a lifesaving tool in offices that need to be able to print, scan, copy and fax a large amount of files in a day. However, this comes at a price and usually quite a high one at that. For companies and businesses which are relatively small or are just starting out, there may not be room in the strict budget for such a high-end, high-cost item. While the benefits of having a multi-functional printer in the office may include increased efficiency and increased productivity; if the money isn’t there then the budget won’t allow for the purchase of such a printer.


This is where renting a printer may be of most benefit. Renting a multi-functional printer can cost a fraction of the price each month than buying one would. Companies can choose to rent a printer for a set amount of time on short or long term plans. This can give your business time to become fully set up and functional so that saving can begin to buy a printer outright.

Renting a printer can also be very useful for businesses that are holding conventions, meeting or conferences. You can rent a printer to use at your location, allowing you to be able to print, scan or copy any important documents you may need or promotional material you would like to hand out. Printer renting is also beneficial for businesses that may not need the use of a multi-functional printer on to day to day level. If you have a large project approaching and need the additional technology to manage the workload then hiring a multi-functional printer may be your best option rather than spending a large amount of money buying something that you may only rarely use again.


For larger businesses it almost seems a necessity to buy a fully featured multi-functional printer. In large, busy working environments where there is a constant need for printing, faxing and copying then renting a printer may not be your best option. If there is a high volume of document workflow in your offices then you will always be in need of a high quality printer. Renting one out on a permanent basis may cost you much more in the long run than simply buying one of your own.

For big businesses with a high volume of documented workflow the best solution is to buy a high quality multi-functional printer, such as those provided by Midshire. It may be a big outlay to begin with but can be much less costly than renting a printer long-term.

The decision of whether you choose to buy a multi-functional printer or whether you choose to rent one should be based upon what type of business you run, how big your company is and how much document workflow your company processes each day. What might suit one company may not suit another so make your decision based on what is most beneficial to your business.

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