Sellfy – Simplifying The Way You Sell Digital Products

Everyone always has ideas of things they would like to create and sell. The creating part usually ends up being easier than the selling part which is plagued by different methods and solutions on how to sell the product online.. This eventually becomes such a headache to the seller that he or she just gives up.

Is there a simple solution to sell your products online? Yes there is…

Sellfy helps you sell your digital products or downloads with PayPal online easier than counting really is that simple.

Let’s have a look at Sellfy and how they would be able to help you get your products in the hands of customers.

About Sellfy

Sellfy is an e-commerce platform that enables anyone to sell digital products directly to their fans and followers using just a link. Whether it’s an e-book, music, video, photos, software, or any other type of digital content, just upload your product, enter the price and start selling on Twitter, Facebook or your own website. Sellfy takes care of file storage, payment processing and product delivery to the end customer.
Text above quoted from Sellfy website

Sellfy Features

Now that you know what Sellfy is, what does Sellfy give you that others can’t..Well that is what you will find out below. Have a look at the different features offered by Sellfy that enables you to sell your products online quickly and easily. These features will also show you why you should use Sellfy to sell digital products.

Digital Product Storage and Instant Delivery to Buyers

This means that you don’t have to store your product externally to where your transactions take place and there is no delay in transaction time for your buyer either. So this helps your keep everything in one place and delivers the product to your buyer once the transaction has been approved and money received.

Shot Buy-Now URL to Share across Social Media

No worrying about lengthy URLs or using other URL shortening services. Sellfy gives you a shortened buy-now URL once your product is uploaded and setup on the platform. This enables you to share the URL across Social Media platforms such as Facebook or Twitter without having to worry about URLs that are too long.

Affiliate Program for Influencers to Promote your Products

You are able to setup an affiliate program for your products so that other people are able to share your digital goods and at least make a little commission from driving sales to your product. This helps with user engagement and having your product reach more people than initially possible.

You earn 20% on referrals

You heard that right. For every person you refer to Sellfy, you will get 20% of Sellfy’s transaction earnings on the referred users sales. This means that you will earn 1% of the referred users sales. Great deal ain’t it? I think it’s time to sell downloads already, don’t you? For more information you’ll have to login and visit (Dashboard)

Social Media Discounts

This nifty feature enables you to have others tweet or share your product for personal discount. What exactly do I mean by personal discount? Well, when they share your product it enables them to receive a 15% discount on your product, if you set it up that way. You are in control of those settings and this yet again just gives you the opportunity to further the reach of your products.

Very low pricing + free $0 signup costs

Yes, there won’t be any charge to sign up for the service, however there will be a 5% free + Paypal charges on every transaction. So you only pay once you start selling. There are no up front charges or fees association with Sellfy. So how much fees would I pay if I sold a product for $5? Well let’s see… Paypal: 3.9% + $0.30 and Sellfy: 5% = $5-8.9% = $4.555-$0.30 = $4.255 is your profit on the sale. Thus meaning if you sold 1000 copies of your $5 product you will make: $4255, Sellfy will make: $250 and Paypal will make: $495 so as you can see, Sellfy isn’t taking a lot by asking for 5% of your sale.

The Sellfy Video that explains it all in a minute


Now that you know what Sellfy is all about are you going to start making use of it? I am definitely. With a low pricing structure like that and simplicity of getting my products sold and downloaded, there isn’t even a second thought…I have already signed up. Have you?

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