SlashTHREE’s New Site Design Version IV

We always love seeing successful redesigns on the web especially if it compliments the artwork at hand. Obviously sometimes there are sites that redesign their templates, but end up making it worse than it was. Someone on twitter mention the other day that, “You shouldn’t try fix something that isn’t broken.” That is a very true statement, well let me get back on track here, you are here to look at the new SlashTHREE website, well let’s see what the team over there came up with.

The slashTHREE staff began working on the version four project back in 2009, a year after the release of its version three. The version four project was visualized to be much more than just a new web design, but also a huge step forward for the slashTHREE collective. Two years later, slashTHREE is proud to bring you version four.

The New Design


I think the SlashThree guys did a great job at reinventing there site, don’t you?

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