Sleeklens – The Best Premium Lightroom Presets Available on the Market

With the advancement in software over the years, it has become easier for aspiring photographers and designers to produce high quality, sought-after work. In the past we would have to produce everything ourselves from the get-go, but technology has helped us speed up our workflows dramatically by introducing presets.

Which in the past was impossible, has now become possible by allowing us to take ordinary photos and turn them into master pieces thanks to preset authors who have experimented with different tones, effects and variables to create stunning add-ons for software.

Today I want to introduce you to author of the newest additions to my preset collection, Sleeklens. Sleeklens creates premium Adobe Lightroom presets which help you turn photos into pieces of art you didn’t even know you could produce.

They have helped me realize that there aren’t any limits to how amazing an ordinary(or so it seems) photo can look.

I know there are tons of other Lightroom preset authors out there and we have covered some roundups in the past, but today’s introduction is a tad different for me anyway. Sleeklens has introduced me to a lot of different new styles and always seek a creative edge over the competition.

Let me explain what sets them apart from the rest of the competition.

1. Quality over quantity

More than often I came across authors that focus on purely making money. They try and produce huge amounts of presets to sell as money as possible. I’ve come to notice that the quality difference between authors who are passionate about their craft and those who are not is miles apart.

Sleeklens has established their shop in form of creating quality Lightroom presets and keeping them unique to their style of creation. They have not focused on creating a massive amount of packs to spread around, but instead focused on a small portion of what they found their market wants.

Once an author starts focusing on quality over quantity the difference is noticeable.

2. Value for Money

When looking at different authors a lot of photographers or artists always look at pricing. Yes, there are thousands of authors that under price their work as they are yet again focused on quantity of sales and making money instead of infusing creative change.

Sleeklens has focused on pricing their products where value far exceeds price. The quality of the delivered product outweighs the thought of paying the amount that you do. It’s not often that I can say that about preset products especially in today’s market as there is so much available to us.

3. Ease of Use

Customer experience is an important part of any sale and when it comes to Sleeklens products, the customer experience couldn’t be more eccentric. Whilst Sleeklens is only launching their new store in 2 days from the time of writing this, they currently sell on the Creative Market platform. The product is immediately available for download with ample amount of instruction to use the presets and achieve quality results.

They also have a support channel available if you have any questions in using the product too. I took the liberty of making three example before and after images from the Vintage Memories Preset Pack below for you to look at.

b-a-1 b-a-2 b-a-3

4. Variety of products

With the variety of creative approaches they take in putting together presets, I’ve listed some of their flagship products below for you to look at and possibly acquire. Click the image to navigate to the preset.

cross-processing portraits light-leaks hdr faded pastel black-white high-contrast


Sleeklens has become my first choice for Lightroom presets and it should become yours too. As you can see in my outline above, Sleeklens seems like the perfect choice for any photographer looking for some high quality, ultra valuable Lightroom presets.

You can check them out on Creative Market and subscribe to the launch of their new web shop at Follow them on Facebook and Google+.

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