Standing Out From the Crowd: A Guide for Businesses to Outstrip the Competition

In the extremely competitive field of Internet businesses, simply providing information and e-commerce opportunities are not enough. Customers don’t just seek out information, they desire a complete package: and a large part of that package is the “content”. So if you want to expand your business and improve your visibility on the Internet, this is a MUST-HAVE list for you.

Quality Content

Content is of primary importance when it comes to businesses. The latest “Panda Update” from Google has made it even more important to include high quality content. Simple content that avoids the use of excessive jargon, generic statements, and long sentences, generally performs better in comparison to such writing.

Design and Website Infrastructure

Quality content goes hand in hand with a good user experience and design. If you’re a startup with limited technical knowledge, Hostgator shared hosting, for instance, can not only give you the right tools to start a website from scratch, it can also provide unlimited bandwidth, SSL tools, support for WordPress/Joomla/Drupal/Magento, templates with SEO-integration, and more for the right infrastructure to advance your business.

SEO content

This brings us to the next point: SEO content. It is no longer enough to manufacture websites with a few generic taglines. SEO content is gaining more and more prominence, and there are studies to prove it. For example, did you know that SEO can improve your closer rates from leads by 14.6%, whereas outbound leads (such as mails) can only improve them by 1.7%? By using carefully crafted SEO content, companies can extend their reach and improve their page listings resulting in better business.

Targeted Marketing

While businesses assume a basic market demand, it is much more pragmatic to target a very specific set and then market products for the targeted segment. Finding your target audience can help you in more than one way: for instance, it is the best way to identify what kind of content should go on your webpage. If it’s a youth oriented program, for instance, it might be better to implement youthful designs that appeal to the audience, rather than use a nondescript design which might go well with every segment of the demographic – but not attract the ones actually making a buy.

Landing Page Optimization

Recent statistically studies have shown an incredible fact: for every $92 million, the amount of money spent on optimizing conversion rates (CRO in internet-speak), is just $1. However, CRO is an incredibly important part of any successful business, and optimizing your landing page is one way to go about it. By optimizing landing pages for PPC, you can generate more PPC leads and effect better quality scores for your business.

Social Media, Email, and Online Marketing

Social media is an important tool presently, helping improve brand identification, loyalty, and help businesses stand out from the crowd. Email newsletters, for example, when employed in the right way, can result in direct leads to your website. Social media is also an extremely important way of connecting with target audiences, by generating posts, shares, and promotional ad-campaigns. There are paid options too, like Google AdWords, but they can be expensive – however, options such as free AdWord credit can also be quite beneficial especially for startups.

SSL Certification

According to a recent study on the rankings of Google listings, it was found that the top 3 Google searches account for nearly 18.2% clicks. So ask yourself this: do you want to improve your Google rankings? If the answer is a resounding YES, you’d be happy to know that there’s a very quick-&-easy way of accomplishing it. That little “HTTPS” sign in front of your domain name is the key to this, with Google automatically tracking such SSL certificated websites and providing them with improved rankings.

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