Standing Out on the Web: Simple Tips to Brand Your Blog

These days, I think we can all agree there’s definitely no shortage of blogs available to us. A quick Google search of any topic undoubtedly returns hoards of relevant websites and blogs all vying for the consumer’s attention. So, how do you get your business’s blog to stand out among the crowd? How do you insure it gets chosen over all of the others? Well, one way to do this is by having an effective, memorable brand that audiences can connect with and recall. Some easy tips to consider when branding your business’s blog are listed below.

Choose Your Title Wisely

The first thing anyone is going to notice about your blog is hands down the title you choose. That being said, you want to ensure you create and implement one that captures the essence of your business’s mission and operations. Additionally, you want to make it catchy and memorable, so that it sticks out in the minds of others.

Sure a title might perfectly convey what you do and offer, but does it encourage and invite people to click on it and learn more? If it doesn’t you might need to reconsider. When something appears boring and uninteresting odds are people will opt instead for something more enticing. Time is valuable and limited, so you want people to feel like they aren’t wasting theirs.

Relevant Design Reigns

Once you’ve come up with a title, you can start thinking about things like the look and feel of your blog. Design themes and graphics play a huge role in the success of your blog. One wants to choose only elements that are absolutely necessary and complementary to the bug picture. With so many appearance options—from color palette to cursor and navigation features, it can be easy to lose sight of what you’re doing. The main purpose of your blog is to inform, so if your design elements distract or take away from your content, then what’s the point?

After working so hard to get someone to visit the site, you should do all you can to ensure it’s not a wasted trip. You want to wow them when they’re there so they come back and encourage others to do the same. If design is not your strongest point, solicit the help of a friend or professional in the field who might be able to give some honest, constructive feedback.

Consistency is Key

A final thing to remember when branding your blog is that consistency is key. That applies to everything from content written to styles used. A blog that utilizes different fonts for each post, might confuse, frustrate and even deter potential clients/consumers, as it hints at disorganization and scattered thoughts. So, unless there’s a specific reason for it, keep your font the same throughout.

Also, keep in mind when you usually do updates. Granted this might depend on the nature of the business you’re in, but for the most part if you can establish a regular posting schedule—you should. It will help “train” your viewers and teach them when to expect updates—proving you’re reliability. This habit alone can ensure you have the same people coming back at the same time every day if they know they can count on an update. Erratic posting times will instill nothing but confusion in them.

While these are very general tips to consider when creating and branding your blog, they are essential to its success. By doing these, you will create a foundation of reliability, personality and direction for your blog and business overall. It’s important to remember how all of these elements play into the big picture, so make sure you aren’t developing designs and themes that conflict with the content.

About the Author: Rachel Sanders is a freelance writer and designer who creates content for as well as other education and design-related websites. When Rachel isn’t writing informative articles and designing websites, she likes to read, research education trends, and discuss all things philosophical. Please leave comments and questions for Rachel below. She adores your feedback!

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