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30 Stunning Examples of Spot UV Printed Business Cards

Business Cards still reign supreme when it comes to physically exchanging contact details, despite the wide range of overly technical mobile phone apps and gadgets that are constantly claiming to be the next big thing. Thanks to the rapid advancement of today’s technology, there really are no limitations when it comes to business card creativity, allowing you to dream up a wide range of sizes, shapes, textures and effects.

17 New Inspiring Business Cards

We can never have enough inspiration. That is what it comes down to. We live in a world that evolves around us. People constantly say they don’t like change, but a year from now everything is different…Why is that? It’s because innovation takes over and change is inevitable. That is

Win 250 Business Cards courtesy of PrintRunner

We have another contest for our beloved readers here on Creativeoverflow. PrintRunner has offered to give away 250 business cards to 4 lucky readers of Creativeoverflow. I’m sure you won’t mind updating your business cards or re designing them as a matter of fact. Well let’s not hang around to