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21 Instigating Business Card Designs

We are recognized through the way we look and perceive ourselves. Therefore having an instigating business card is important. You want clients to take action when they find your business cards in the car or in their pockets. Making sure that you ultimately portray who and what you are is

65 Inspirational Mix Tape Cover Designs

Mixtape is a popular way of generating music by artists to the public. As part of this trend, a new design opportunity originated and loads of new designs were published to enhance the product. Mix Tape Wall is designed to be an online hub where designers, artists, DJ’s etc can

31 Minimalistic Poster Designs

Minimalism is a really popular trend right now, in everything from logos and websites to movie and TV posters. Especially in the case of film posters, minimalism can show up the often cluttered, over-worked and over-the-top posters of the latest Blockbuster films. Whether you want to print them out on

20 Amazing Sand Sculpture Art Examples

History of sand sculpture is as old as the sand itself. Not practices formally as other art forms which can be tracked in the lines of history. This is kind of informal art which is gaining popularity and now has become a full fledged art form in the mid of

20 Fabulous Flare Photographs

Flare photography is the category of photography in which light or sunlight is used as a source to enhance the beauty of the pictures. When the light contacts the lens it scattered into many directions by crossing through the microscopic glass particles of the lens. At times the light flare

20 Inspiring Manipulated Surreal Faces

Your face says a lot about you. May it be eyes, lips or cheeks. When a brush is grasped in the hands of a painter or artist, extraordinary images of faces are produced. Many contemporary art forms pioneer in the art of face portraits. An illusion, an interpretation or a

20 Digital Art Examples That Shows Creativity

Digital art as the word resembles is a wide range of photography in which digital media or technology is used to enhance or blend the images in a way to produce a new image. This art become more popular in the late 1970s when the advancement in the technology has