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11 Trending Minimalistic Website Designs

Contrary to popular opinion, minimalism is all about selective editing. Poor minimalist designs are made by using as few elements as possible from the get-go. But the right approach is to include everything that you think the design may need, and then strip away the excess, refining your composition until

5 New Trends in Web Design Layouts

Web design is an ever-changing craft. Like fashion, it responds to modern tastes, and like product design, it has to be useful and make its target audience want to interact with it. So your degree in web design is only the beginning on your road to becoming successful. Because web

30 Tasty Websites with Juicy Colors

Today’s good summer mood leads us to cheerful web sites created by talented designers with various orange, red, yellow and green shades as well as with many other bright and soft colors. Visiting them you can immediately taste juicy oranges, rich berries and fresh summer morning! The provided 30 examples

11 Beautiful Minimalistic Websites

The trend in web design has been hovering over minimalism for quite some time now. The vast majority of new sites popping up showcases ultra minimalism in the format of subtle color use, clean and thin lines and beautiful cover pieces of information for their intended client/reader base. The website

Understanding the Trend In Minimalism

There have been more and more sparse, sleek designs cropping up on the web; some like the new look, but others miss the skuemorphic familiarity of older, more tactile sites. If you’re not familiar with the term, skueomorphism is the practice of incorporating the look of an object that was

9 Reasons Not to Pitch a New Website

We’re all hoping for that big website order – you know, the one that will secure your cash flow for the next six months. But is pitching a brand new site the wisest move for your business, and the right advice for clients? Winning business in today’s market is increasingly

30 Inspirational Ecommerce Web Designs

When most people think of ecommerce designs, they think of typical designs that have a vertical or horizontal category list and page after page of product thumbnails. While it’s known to be an effective structure, these type of designs aren’t particularly interesting or innovative. For modern ecommerce shops, it’s important

30 Textured Web Designs

Textures are a great way to add a touch of unique style to your website. Especially if you are using a stock template or web building tool (For more info on website building tools click here), making your website unique can be more challenging. Textures can vary in style, from

20 Creative Design Agency Websites

Design agencies are full up nowadays. There are so many around, being a client you might just be confused to who you want to use. Being able to design anything from wedding invitations through to a dental office website design, the sky is the limit in what agencies can come