Tell your Client’s Story Beautifully and Easily

Learn how to be more than a web designer. Start acting like a visual storyteller. 90% of information transmitted to our brains are visual. The reason? We process visual data faster than text. And we pay more attention to videos and images, than text. If you’re currently building a website or own one, then you should start thinking of ways to transform it into something eye-candy and visual.

Generation X and generation Z spend half of their day connected to a screen, often on visually powerful platforms such as Facebook, Pinterest or YouTube. In order to grab their attention, you need to create powerful stories; no matter if they are about people, companies, products or NGOs. In other words, you need to be a visual storyteller.


We all fight for the same attention, engagement, time and money. The battle is tight and resources are limited. To get to the final lap means to create a perfect balanced mix between visual and content, image and text, symbols and letters. You have the chance to achieve the perfect balance of spreading beautiful online stories with Qards, a robust visual editor powered by WordPress.

If you aim to build the right website for your clients in order to highlight their unique brand stories, than maybe it’s time to take a look at this easy-to-use web design plugin. It could bring real added value for everyone around the table: you, as a web designer always aspiring to reach more, your client and his challenging business and the prospective customers who are tired to skim through stale www pages.


Here are Top 10 reasons for why this user-friendly design plugin helps you both achieve relevant results, no matter what your goal is: awareness, more customers, and a better experience for users or an asset to be proud of. All of them are meant to initiate a prolific digital dialogue:

  • Customizable pre-designed cards to match your needs
  • Fully editable components, such as Grid, Text, Cover, Feature
  • Typekit integration to find the right fonts for spreading the message in a nice wrap; Plus, all the best Google fonts are there.
  • Easily to adapt to any kind of stories (from business websites to personal blogs)
  • Flexible backgrounds to highlight beautiful products (Videos included)
  • SEO friendly to make sure Google is your ranking comrade
  • Maximized performance to run faster and safer
  • Better caching for a bunch of plugins, such as W3 Total Cache, WP Super Cache and Quick Cache
  • No-code to write or to struggle with
  • Provider of great experiences for end users
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And that’s not all. A simple push on the play button of the following Qards demo video will prove we’re right. Just a tip before you start watching how Qards actually works: pay attention not only on the great features provided by this visual editor, but also on how smooth everything happens. It’s, indeed, an emotional experience. You can play it twice just to make sure you fully perceive the whole beauty of it.

The essence of simplicity

All in all, Qards is the essence of simplicity for anyone who wants to create beautiful digital stories. Easy to use, very user-friendly, an amount of features just one-click away and much more than that. If it was to choose a single word to define this WordPress visual editor that would be style.


You can integrate Qards in an existing website or create one with it in the blink of an eye.

  • Convenient HTML & CSS editor for beginner developers, no need to learn how to write a single line of code
  • Effortlessly duplicate blocks of content or entire pages (text, image or video, it’s your call)
  • Flexible layout with a bunch of visual elements (you can sync them in a couple of seconds)
  • Easily match design patterns to create an integrated visual story (no matter you’re a blogger, fashion lover or an agency)
  • Adjustable grid to match in-depth needs just by one click
  • Embed YouTube videos with a simple copy-paste of the URL
  • Upload brand images with Drag & Drop

All these features are so intuitive and easy to put in practice that all you have to do is to warm up your creativity and start building exquisite visual stories.  Playing Qards in a smart way will give you a huge playground to adventure in. Furthermore, your clients will happily return with future business projects and you will keep succeeding in transforming their story into a powerful and visual one.

Feel free to get some inspiration from these websites built with Qards

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With Qards next to you, playing the role of a visual storyteller becomes natural and enjoyable. It’s more like being a painter: you have the colors, the brushes, the easel, the instruments to exhibit and a creative drive to draw thrilling canvases and share them with the entire world.

Leading by example is one the most powerful ways to contribute to a more appealing digital world, where aesthetics meets utility and business goals achieve concrete results. Afterwards, that’s the spell of being a visual storyteller, right?

Start your creative journey now.

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