The Best HDR Photographs of Urban Subjects

High Dynamic Range photography produces stunning and unique pictures, perfect for making a design for the web or printed postcards appear irresistible. When photographers want to create an HDR image, they actually take several pictures (at least three) at different exposure levels, and then they use photo-editing software to combine the best parts of all the images into one picture. This allows the dark areas to still be detailed while the bright areas are still bright. Some HDR shots give a close approximation to how we actually see things in the world, taking in both the bright and dark at the same time. Other photographers have chosen to amplify the effect so that their pictures look hyper-realistic.

Urban shots look especially interesting in HDR. Subjects that we normally do not notice or if we do notice, chalk them up as “ugly” or “trash” suddenly become beautiful through the eye of a camera, and HDR really intensifies this appeal. In honor of showing just how much this theory is true, below we’ve rounded up some of the best urban HDR photos on the web. Enjoy!

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