The Complete Guide to Becoming a Blogger

According to Wikipedia a blog is “a type of website or part of a website. Blogs are usually maintained by an individual with regular entries of commentary, descriptions of events, or other material such as graphics or video”. The person who maintains it is called the blogger. For web designers or developers blogs are a great source of information and inspiration, but sometimes we as regular users can invert the situation by posting an article on such a website.

Reading this article will give you a small idea about whom and how you can become a blogger, what supposes that, and further a Twitter account about which you can ask me any question you have. First of all, this article is dedicated to the ones who want to write about web design or development. Being a writer who posts articles about web design poses a lot of work(it sounds a little bit philosophical, but I believe that quality always require a lot of work and time…what do you think?). Secondly, this job or task, if you believe it is too much to be categorized as a job, requires two features that are very hard to accomplish by a single person:

  • Writing Talent
  • Good Acknowledgment in the Respective Field

Writing Talent

I, as a blogger, am very conscious that I am not a novelist or an unknown Shakespeare, but to attract people to read your posts it is very recommended having such a talent. To be native English is a great advantage, it will be more easily to write, but is not a must(Like me). A solution could be to post in your native language, but the chances of having great traffic are coming down. I know that I should take courses of modesty, but take my example: I am not a very good speaker or writer in English, but I hired a very good proofreader that checks my texts before submitting to various websites.

Good Acknowledgment in the Respective Field

You could be Charles Dickens, but if you do not know web design then surely you can’t post quality articles about it. I believe that even if you are very good at something, before writing an article about the domain you performing you should read similar posts on other blogs. The entire world is moving fast so it is better to find out the novelties in your domain. Let’s suppose you accomplish both requirements…but how to start a career as a blogger?
How to start?

1. Feel the needs of the readers

It is not a golden rule, but I honestly believe that before posting an article on a website you should read about the subject before. A very good blogger knows very well the demands of the readers…I could bet with you, for example right now any quality post about HTML5 and CSS3 are being demanded. So keep in mind, write what is required and not what you like.

2. Adopt the style of the blog you are posting

Each person has his own style and usually a blogger tries to emphasize it. This factor can have a positive aspect but sometimes it could be very dangerous too. A blog due to the subject treated and the own style attracts some readers…the more, the better. Changing the style of posting your articles could result in anincrease of the numbers of viewers per day but surely some of the usual readers won’t be happy, so pay much attention to this situation, it can be a two way situation. I consider as the best solution to adopt the style of the blog in a proportion of 80-85%, small changes that show you are a new blogger are welcomed. Anyway, all the changes should respect the law of small but stable steps.

3. Pay attention at the types of the posts

There are few types of posts: tutorials, in depth articles, rounds –up and so on. The great majority of blogs present all the categories of posts. I advice you, if you are beginner to write types of posts which are in majority. More precisely, if you want to post on a blog that presents rounds up then it is better to make a awesome one that a quality tutorial. It has logic: people are visiting the blog probably in searching for inspiration that could be found in the interesting rounds up. Having a cool round up here gives you a lot of traffic; posting a good tutorial on a blog that doesn’t follow this profile won’t give you the same exposure. Anyway this strategy could matter or not, what really matters is the quality of the post!

4. Do not “copy+paste”; it is your suicide as a blogger!

This is an unfair-play fact…some authors worked hard and spent many hours in front of their PC’s and you steal their final product. People doing that are thieves and should be punished. It is a very different situation if you only quote them or put a link to the original post. Tips to improve your posts are many, but how effectively is it to have some clients that require your services?

5. How to market yourself?

Believe me; on the Internet there are many blogs that need your services! Many of the potential bloggers are afraid that they won’t find blogs where to post…that is totally wrong! There is a secret recipe: if you do not search for clients, then the clients won’t find you. Maybe you didn’t notice, but the majority of blogs have a small title like “We are looking for new authors”, “Became our author” and so on. The secret is that all blogs are looking for quality authors…once again, they aren’t looking for you, and they are looking for quality post…but you are writing quality posts, so indirectly you are the missing one in their team. What should you do…email to all blogs you know they need authors and send them samples with your posts or if you previous published something, links to your best post. Believe me it is really working! Is not a secret that before writing here I emailed a “small CV” (few words about me, the topics that are considered by me in my writings) to more than one hundred blogs. It is a sure thing, very few reply me, but I am not a super good and experienced writer, I really hope that in the future I will receive more replies when I would make a new campaign of self promoting.

6. Do you want help?

Unfortunately in this matter there aren’t precise solutions as in math, so each person needs a special treatment in their way of becoming blogger. I could give some pieces advices on Twitter, so follow me and do not forget, hard work is a must to be a quality blogger!

A freelance writer working for for, Kuwait web design company that provides web design solution in Bahrain,Sharjah and Middle East.