The Evolution of Four Internet Logo Designs

Yahoo announced earlier this month that they’ll be introducing a new logo this September—departing from their current logo, which originated in 1999. The redesign is a good branding move for the internet search engine—it’s not a great idea for a company to keep the same logo throughout its lifetime. As a business changes and transforms, so should its logo.

Here are four successful logo transformations from businesses that dominate the Internet. What makes these redesigns successful? They follow the current trend in the logo and marketing world – simple, clean and minimal.


33839_37477_2_01Google logo

Google won the search engine competition partially because of its simple web design. The only splash of color on its white background pages is from the logo. The original logo (left) was created in 1998. To copy the successful Yahoo! logo, Google added an exclamation point to the design and changed up the color pattern. In 2010, Google took away the exclamation point, making today’s design almost identical to the original.

The colors of Google’s latest design makes this one more successful (and creative) than the original. In order to make the statement that Google isn’t a rule follower, the company chose the primary colors, but went out of order and put a secondary color on the L. How’s that for breaking the rules?


33839_37477_3_02Twitter logo

Twitter has completely transformed its logo from full text to only a symbol. The original logo was meant to deliver a message of simplicity, similar to the business itself. Then, to convey the idea of “tweets”, Twitter incorporated the bird. In 2012, Twitter got rid of the text and slightly altered the bird.

The current logo is successful, as it summarizes the simplicity of Twitter – users have only 140 characters to make a statement. Even without a brand stamped on this logo, it is easily recognized by the millions of loyal users.


33839_37477_4_03ebay logo

eBay’s logo remained unchanged for its 17 years of existence – until 2012. The original logo was messy, staggered and the letters overlapped. The minimalist redesign is successful because it’s clean and simple, portraying the website’s ease of use.

Devin Wenig, president of eBay, said the change is due to the fact that the infamous auction-style listing site has grown into one of the world’s largest online marketplaces and now offers more than sales via auction.


33839_37477_5_04Windows logo

Windows has gone back to its roots. The latest logo, designed for Windows 8 in 2012, is a near copy of the original logo from 1985. Throughout the years and Windows versions, the logo transforms. The colorful logos had a waving flag appearance due to the curved lines. But both the original and the current logo are solid blue and made up of straight lines – appearing like a window.

Windows had success revisiting its original logo with their newest one. The company says that “Windows” is a metaphor for computing and that this design gives the power of technology to people to discover their own outlooks.

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