The Go-To Place For Identifying Any Font

Finding the perfect font can prove to be a toilsome mission. Once I’ve got my mind set on a curiously written word somewhere on the internet, I can’t find rest until I’ve located the elusive font, or at least found a closely related alternative. Sometimes, the search takes forever, and at other times, it doesn’t turn out the font that I’ve been craving for. You can imagine my relief when I found out about


This useful online tool is engineered to track down even the most obscure fonts, so you’ll never have to scan the internet for hours at a time ever again. Instead, you can use this service in several simple steps and initiate a manual search (just punch in your keywords in the search box and will produce the most relevant matches and alternative options from its database). As an alternative, you may choose to provide the URL of an image which contains the font that you’ve come across.

Nonetheless, the third and, to my mind, most appealing method of starting a search is to take a screenshot, save it, and then upload it onto this platform. In this stage, it’s important that you check one of the below-placed boxes, and thus point out whether the background is either lighter or darker than the letters. Lastly, all you need to do is click on “Continue”, and the service takes up your quarry.


In the second phase of your search, the word appears split and you will be asked to confirm letter by letter. At the same time, be careful to specify whether you wish to be supplied with freely available matching/alternative fonts, commercial findings, or both categories.

whatfontis-2 whatfontis-3

Finally, “Continue” to the results page, and feel free to get your hands on the most appropriate font of the lot. As you can gather from my demonstration, I found two very pleasing results, and they are commercial fonts, which I’m on my way to purchase. It took little over 5 minutes to find the font that I was longing for with, so you may want to give it a shot.


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