The Right Mix to Make the Right Website Design

Website designing is a very unique field with lots of intricacies involved. This article highlights the important things that determine the website value in terms of user preference. This site describes briefly how you can create a website which is not only more appealing but also more profitable.

Website designing is an intriguing field. There is so much that one can do on it. Basically, it’s like a free blank canvas. People can paint your way to glory. But is it really that simple? I mean, of course there is much ado about the whole imagination going loud and things like that, but really, how open can one be with imagination? Is there a specific diameter to it? Or you can go out of this world for real?

The answer to these questions is both yes and no. There has to be a lot of imagination and creativity involved in order to get the right ‘blend’ (as I like to call it) of a website, so intoxicating that it leaves your visitors in absolute certainty that your company is the best option.

In order to brew the right mix, there are a few things that you must take care of. They are:

Visual Placement

Most people ignore this as a not so important aspect of their online presence. But people fail to understand that there is a particular line of vision that people follow while staring at a screen, regardless of whether it is a small screen or a big one.

The most accepted pattern is similar to an ‘F’ shaped structure. So the line of vision traces the site in the particular fashion. Now, the knowledge that something like this is happening, itself gives you the power to place your visual content in a manner that will help you get the right content at the right place. There’s no point in placing important content in not so important places.

Consider a good layout and work according to it. This will ensure that you are not running short on space and don’t give a very cramped feeling to the visitor. Have a clear throw, which makes it absolutely easy for the visitor to understand what you are trying to give.


Another extremely important aspect of any site is its colour. See, the first thing that hits you even before you can read any content or decipher anything from the site is its color scheme. This is why it should be absolutely relevant to the kind of information that you use.

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Say for example restaurants prefer using the color red, because it generates hunger or appetite. However, industrial websites like to go with more metallic colours like grey, white, blue, because it corroborates the idea of an industrial firm.


Fonts and typography is another slighted issue. Never forget that whatever you want to communicate to the user, will happen by way of the font. Whether the person can read what you are saying or not, depends on what kind of typography you have picked.

This is the best tool to make your site attractive as well as meaningful. You can convey a lot with the right kind of typography. The way your document looks, determines the way people will receive it. If you cannot take care of it, it will simply ruin the deal. Ensure that your font is a pleasant and non-challenging one. Haven’t you heard the doctors being blamed enough?


Navigation of a site determines how your visitor will go about your site. Will he jump from the home page to the contact page or will he meander through products, then reviews, then about the company and then tutorials?

Although there is no absolutely certain measure so as to how you can ensure that a user moves from one page to another, but subtle highlights on our website can influence the user behaviour largely. You want to convince them to get in touch with you or indulge in any call to action. For that you will have to keep adding subtle suggestions which help your visitor to navigate in a way that moves towards your call to action.

Some of the best websites, which want a more engaging and increased visitor time value, add ‘you might also like’ tabs based on the visitors current readings. This makes the user hooked onto the site. He does not feel like going away because he has something equally, if not more, interesting handed over to them.

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