Tip: Using Previous Color Trends to Determine Future Trends

Color trends within the design industry have varied hugely in the last decade with different shades and color groups falling in and out of favor. In this industry everything is constantly evolving and adapting to incorporate and reflect the themes and events taking place and the behavior of consumers and their needs.

In the early nineties neutral became the color scheme favored not just by the design industry and print services but the fashion and interior sectors as well. Simple, but also cool, calm and collected was the message put across, brands and logos used these colors to say, “we are here and can handle anything you throw at us.” There was also an element of retro in this thinking with campaigns harking back to the 60’s with straight lines and block colors and shapes.

This repetition of a bygone era proved very popular and even trickled down to fashion and engineering with flared jeans making a comeback along with more angular styling in the car industry.

The coolness of the shades, as well as the starkness between say, black and white, provided the shock factor to many campaigns including makeup brand Maybelline who favored these contrasts in their adverts and branding. As we move further into the 2000’s pastel colors move forward and take center stage with softer schemes becoming the favored choice. This is repeated in forecasts for 2012 with pastel pinks due to make a big comeback. However, after a flirtation with pastel colors we are now seeing block colors, coupled with bright primary colors back on the radar.

One factor which altered color trends hugely around 2005 to 2006 was the heightened interest in “going green.” Companies and products were attempting to market them as energy and environmentally friendly which of course comes with the obligatory green or brown earthy toned packaging, or at least a subtle discourse running throughout. After a dip in the late nineties of environmentally friendly products, possibly due to higher prices coupled with the recession they are back with a bang and a huge color trend for 2012 is the earthy tones again.

There is a distinct pattern in which color trends are repeated, generally returning with a different slant to them. Certain shades always return when the design industry has had a good response with them in the past in branding and advertising campaigns. It may be fair to say that future trends can be determined by trends in the past and the way in which they were received. If they were well liked and successful in the branding and advertising industries, you can be sure they will pop up again and again.

Image Credit: mishmoshimoshi

Article written by PrintExpress; the London based printing company who specialize in business cards, magazine, booklet printing and more.