Tips for Finding Inspiration and Sparking Creativity

Whether you are looking for new business ideas, looking to write that next chapter in your book or trying to optimize your marketing campaign, you will need to generate creative ideas.

Don’t believe in the myth of writer’s block, or in any idea which only promotes your blocks to creativity. These limiting beliefs and low energy ideas cripple your creativity. By following the tips below you will be able to generate creative ideas on command. Remember, as you flex your mental muscles these faculties become stronger. You become more and more creative each day as you express yourself creatively on a persistent basis.

How can you spark creativity on a persistent basis?

Study Inspirational Figures

By studying inspirational figures you can generate a steady flow of inspirational, creative ideas. People who have reached prominent positions within their niche provide you with many creative ideas: it’s these ideas which made the individuals successful.

You can either use similar creative ideas or even better, a creative spark of genius grows in your own mind, and you can launch out on a creative campaign of your own, blazing your own trail.


Meditation helps you dissolve blocks to creativity. The flow of inspirational, creative ideas never ends. You can tap into this flow of brilliance on command. Why do most people never realize this great truth? They carry blocks to creativity, or limiting beliefs which simply rarely allows these individuals to generate and implement truly creative, unique ideas.

Sit in a quiet room. Relax your body. Focus on your breathing. If you attention wanders from your breathing note the distraction and move your focus back to your breathing. This practice helps you to become more aware of your blocks.

When you become more aware of your limiting ideas, hearing the actual chatter in your head, such as “I can’t find any creative ideas,”, or, “I am suffering from writer’s block,” you can sit patiently, release these ideas which block your creativity, and simply attract creative ideas.

If you do one thing each day to foster creativity, or to grow your business, or to write your book, meditate for 20 minutes. This simple practice expands your awareness and encourages a steady flow of creative ideas to find you.

Decide to Create

By creating things daily you literally become magnetic to inspirational, creative ideas. When you focus your attention and energy on some idea, that idea grows in your mind. By moving into specific, directed actions each day you naturally make these acts a habit.

Have you noticed how some bloggers churn out post after post of relevant, helpful content on a daily basis? Or how some authors publish best sellers at a steady clip? Or how some business mavericks always seem to generate innovative, out of the box entrepreneurial ideas, to expand their ventures?

These individuals simply committed to creating on a persistent basis. They sit in a quiet room, working their way through mental blocks, or objections, and wait patiently until the idea they have been searching for, hits them.

Or this crowd simply starts writing, brainstorming all forms of creative ideas, until they are struck with the one business or life-changing inspiration which can help shape the lives of so many people around them.


By committing to your creative craft, you will generate more inspirational, creative ideas than you could possibly dream of. Make creating a habit. Take the time to set aside at least 1 hour to creating daily, and you will never run out of creative ideas to grow your opportunity.

Follow these tips religiously to tap into creative ideas on a consistent basis.

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