Tips to take your Photography to the Next Level

Photography is a constant reinvention. No photography professional can claim to have reached the acme of knowledge or say that there’s no scope for improvement; there always is, even the best photographers out there can do so much better with the right resources.

The resources we bring to you today are an eclectic mix of educational and actionable. But whichever category they may fall into, a common theme throughout is the amount of value they provide. If you are a budding photographer, an established pro, or someone with little to no knowledge of this field, these resources would be of a great help to you irrespective of which stage you are on.

So explore these six points on photography that come packed with resources and cherry pick the one that would make you a better photographer from your standpoint, or just browse through them all because these just add so many insights and make your life so much easier!

What Camera Should You Really Buy?

Your camera is the backbone of your profession. Having a good camera and being well-versed in its functions is essentially half the job done. But how do you know which camera is best for you? Does selecting a camera really depend on the genre of photography you want to pursue? Does a higher-end camera pack in more features or are these hyped? Do you need a DSLR if you just want to shoot amazing pictures for Instagram? And most importantly just how much does having the right camera influence your work?

Know all these and a lot more through this e-book that’s available for free. The guide is a practical approach on how to choose the right camera. Cutting through the clutter, it’s a great explanation for anyone unsure of which camera to buy.

Shooting with natural light

Natural light is tricky territory. While sometimes it can make your pictures look straight out of the Sistine Chapel, most of the times it gives a horrible flare that takes so much away from the click. The idea is to understand how to use natural photography to work in favor of your pictures, should you stand against the light and create a silhouette look or should you let it fall sideways illuminating one-half of your subject?

This resource gives you a lot of dope on how you can manage natural lighting and manipulate it to enhance your images.

Mastering night photography

If natural lighting is tricky territory, then night photography is even trickier. Just a handful of people know how to get it right. And it goes beyond photography, a photographer who does night photography the correct way also has a good understanding of planetary and lunar motions, they know at which time and on which day, how the stars, and planets are aligned.

And they factor this in when clicking a night shot. But while you need not have astronomy knowledge to be good at this, you have to have some basic and some specific night photography related knowledge, and this resource is a practical and comprehensive take on everything night photography.

Choosing a genre of photography and mastering it

There are so many different types of photography, and each requires its own understanding and its own set of equipment. For portrait photography the approach is different, and for landscape the approach is different. Some believe that for portrait photography a handheld delivers better results while some believe that for landscape photography, there’s no way you can without a tripod.

With so many options to choose from, photographers often get confused. But it’s not about what you click but what clicks with you. Some people find street photography daunting because it takes a level of guts to shoot random people in public. While some find night photography extremely challenging, but there’s one genre for every photographer, but choosing that is a tedious task.

However, it’s more of a matter of time. You may start with experimenting with different types of genres but what you eventually settle for is what suits your personality as a photographer. So if you want to do something as specific as wildflower photography, you’d be able to do it as a pro if you understand whether or not it is the correct genre for you and then how do you go about becoming one.

Understanding how postures work in photography

Posture plays an important role in how your photos eventually come out. Something as mundane as a floating hand could be the eyesore in a click. And for specific genres like fashion photography, you need to know how postures work and how can it add on to the click.

Postures are difficult to master because honestly, there are no specific rules regarding this. How should the posture be for a particular shot will depend a lot on the photographer’s vision of that shot. While a posture may look ridiculous in isolation, in the final click it fits perfectly well. This is why a photographer’s personal vision plays an important role. However, having said that, you can read up on postures like how to place hand posture while shooting portrait, how to compose a shot, how to go candid or you can learn from experience and experimenting.

Getting post processing right

Post processing is the other side of getting a click right. Some people end up with fantastic shots, but these are 20% in totality. Most images need to be worked on and enhanced to reach where it finally does. Therefore good knowledge of Photoshop and post-processing is important. Understanding if an image needs to be done from scratch or just applying a Photoshop Action would be good for it will save you a lot of time and effort in enhancing an image in the best possible way by the least possible effort.

Photography is creatively rewarding if you know how to do it correctly. While it is an individual photographer’s interpretation and extension of his personality, it is also about the knowledge and experience he has and which translates into his work.

Photography is my calling in life, and I love to talk about it whenever possible, maybe talk about it a tad bit too much, which is why I'm not invited to a lot of social gatherings of late. When not talking about Photography, I'm glued to the TV, out sampling foods at new restaurants, and running around petting the dogs in my society. I also love connecting with new people across the globe, so if you'd like to connect with me on Skype or reach out to me on Twitter @amruta_mohod