Top 10 Hosting Services for Designers

Now let’s get down to a interesting point here. Web hosting is something every single designer in the world can’t live without, if it’s your own hosting or not it’s still web hosting. There are a lot of different web hosting services to choose from, with prices ranging from host to host.

We all know that new comers will always run to the cheapest hosting option on the market and will then realize 2 days later what a big mistake they have made and that they have just wasted time and money. That is why I am writing this post, to direct you in the correct way the first time around and not make you waste your time.

Now here is the question a lot of people usually ask, “There are literally hundreds of web hosting services out their, which one should I choose?”

Well that is why I am here, I will be listing 10 Hosting Services that are affordable and reliable at the same time, If you have any other web hosting services that I have missed and should have included please notify me through leaving a comment below.

Top 10 Hosting Services for Designers

1. Site 5


2. HostMonster


3. Host Gator


4. Media Temple


5. BlueHost


6. Just Host


7. GoDaddy


8. Pow Web


9. Web Hosting Pad


10. iX Web Hosting


Those are definitely the Top 10 Hosting Services I would host a website with.

You can also read further web hosting comparison reviews on

Using VPS hosting is the most efficient, affordable, and secure way to get your website up while providing you with opportunities to resell space to others.

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