WallpaperFX – Your Daily Dose of Wallpaper Goodness

Every time you turn on your computer you see a wallpaper on your desktop. It can’t be avoided and thus you always want it to look good, clean or overly busy. It’s always a pain to decide what you want as your wallpaper, sometimes you end up taking a hour to find your next wallpaper, however making use of WallpaperFX will not only save you time, but it’s updated with 20+ brand new HD wallpapers daily. You will be assured that you have the slickest looking desktop in the office all the time.

WallpaperFX provides Full HD wallpapers within every category on their site, there are literally thousands of wallpapers to choose from that are really high quality. I have only recently become aware of the site, and will definitely be using it often to update my wallpaper.

About WallpaperFX

WallpaperFX was created in 2009 and has since then been setting a trend with their high quality wallpapers. The great thing about using WallpaperFX is the user friendliness the website offers when downloading wallpapers. Its a simple process and finding the wallpaper of your choice is so easy that even a 2 year old can pull it off. WallpaperFX has quite a few great features on their site such as a automatic resolution calculator, category search filter, ratings filter, downloads filter and even a community that is run with the site.

Resolution Calculator

WallpaperFX has a automatic resolution calculator on their main page of the website. If you don’t know what that is, its easy to understand. Its a tool that automatically calculates your screen size of your computer so that you can be sure that you are downloading the correct sized wallpaper for your enjoyment.

Browsing by Freshness

WallpaperFX gives you the option to browse wallpapers by freshness, its basically another term for latest wallpapers. You will immediately see what the latest wallpapers on the site are, so if you are looking for nature wallpapers you will find the newest nature wallpapers right there.

Browsing by Rating

If you browse by rating you will be able to find out which wallpaper is rated the highest by the viewers and then establish which wallpaper you will be making use of as your next. If you were looking for movie wallpapers, it would be easy to find out which movie wallpaper is rated the highest.

Browsing by Favorites and Downloads

Its always interesting to find out which wallpaper has been favored the most or downloaded the most. Its also nice to find out if you will be one of a hundred thousand to use this wallpaper as your desktop background. The great thing about this feature is that you are able to distinguish if you will be unique regarding the choosing of your wallpaper. You will be able to tell how many people downloaded the wallpaper and how many people saved it as a favorite.

Join the Community

WallpaperFX has a community for wallpapers that lets you upload, share, rate and comment on others wallpapers. Thus increasing interaction between people and potentially making new friends. If you want to upload HD wallpapers 1080p then you will have to join the community to do so. You will be contributing to a great cause and thousands of people will be seeing your work.

Downloading Wallpapers

Downloading is made easy by WallpaperFX, you simply choose your wallpaper that you like and upon the preview page you will see a download button to your right of the image. You click it and the wallpaper downloads itself to your computer. It’s really as easy as that.

So, if you haven’t checked out WallpaperFX yet, I encourage you to do so. You will definitely find yourself a new wallpaper in between the visit.

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