What Freelancers Need to Know About Working More Efficiently

Freelancing web designers are naturally interested in finding ways to increase their productivity and their income. If you are doing freelancing work, you’re no doubt open to exploring ways to increase your work efficiency. And seek out clients who offer challenging assignments and pay well when those assignments are completed.

Why would some clients be willing to pay you more for work well done? It’s because they understand the concept of value for money.

To be able to reach out to those clients, you need to understand this important concept too and apply it to your work. You need to make a transition from freelancing to becoming an entrepreneur.

If you’re using a Be Theme pre-built website, you’ve already started putting the value for money concept to work, whether you realize it or not. Be Theme users are more productive, and they provide value by delivering top-quality work on time.

1Passion took you this far. Now it’s time to become your own business.

Look at your work processes. Identify the value of each one vs. your expenditures in time, creativity, and energy. Now, you will begin to understand how the value for money principle applies to you, why understanding it is so important, and how you can begin to show your clients how the value you can provide to them is greater than what they pay for your services.

What is the Value of the Tools You Use?

Is your WordPress theme helping to provide value for money for your clients? Does it take time to install, select options, and customize layouts; or is the overall process smooth and quick? Which of the theme’s features help you with your work, and offer effective ways to spend your resources?

2This pre-built website, destined to a younger musical crowd, is exceptionally easy to customize.

Be Theme gives you value for your money. Its 220+ pre-built websites are easily installed and customized, no coding is required, and the level of support is exceptional.
These are but several of many reasons why Be is one of the most popular WordPress themes on the market.

3It only takes a minimal effort to transform this website into a super-sharp e-book presentation website.

Be Theme will save you money in design time. Professional designs and UI features are embedded in each of the pre-built websites. All you need to do is pick one that best matches your client’s industry, and then customize it.

Be Theme will save both you and your client’s review and feedback time. You can skip the wireframe and mockup phases, and instead, present your clients with editable layouts.

4This pre-built website is easily customized for a minimalist herbal shop.

You have a huge range of topics to choose from; everything from cars and entertainment to food and jewelry. There are also pre-built websites for one-page websites, blogs, and portfolios. Simply select a topic, incorporate your client’s brand, and add content.

What others say:

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Are Your Deliverables Offering Value for Money?

To determine if this is true, you need to establish excellent communications with your clients, because it is your clients who have the answers. You also need to understand what their work needs are.

  • Are your clients uniformly happy with the work you provide?
  • Do they take notice when you can offer an innovative solution?
  • Do they rate your work as good, excellent, or “simply the best”?

5It takes experience, skill, and good communications to deliver superior products.

  • Are your clients requesting additional work? Are they referring you to others? Either one is a huge sign that you are doing well.
  • Do your deliverables indicate that you have thoroughly understood your client’s specs – both from the beginning and following feedback sessions?
  • If you can claim mostly positive responses to these questions, you’re on the right path, but pay attention to any responses (or lack thereof) that suggest room for improvement.

6Working harder is good. Working smarter is better.

Whenever improvement is called for, set a goal to make it happen. Even if your performance is stellar, there is always room for improvement. Pay attention to your clients, and always keep the value for money principle in mind.

Are You Working to Create Value for Yourself?

You are obviously the beneficiary when you can create more value for yourself. Those you do business with benefit as well, as to those you share your life with.

Time and money are your investments, and you want to keep paying attention to make certain those investments are paying dividends. Paying attention cannot be overemphasized. Paying attention is one of the secrets to the entrepreneur’s success. It is something they continue to do to continue to grow. Pay attention, keep value for money constantly in mind, and you will do well.


You have multiple skills and talents, and you can build on them. They are the resources that provide value for money; so spend some time learning to understand them better.

Take-away Ideas

Once you’ve started using value for money as the criteria to see how your work affects others, you’ll begin to view your clients in a whole new light. You’ll find it’s a great feeling to be seen as a valued and valuable resource.

The tools you use count too. Be Theme and its 200+ professionally designed pre-built websites is a premier example of a tool that gives you great value for money.

8Be Theme is used by more than 48,000 web designers, worldwide.

Take your skills and talents, and continue to improve on them and learn new ones. Set a goal of becoming an entrepreneur who will be looked upon as a valuable resource by those who are looking for value for their money.

Pay attention to what is happening around you, and make sure you are using the best tools. With Be Theme, you’ve already met that part of your goal.

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