What Would be on Your Celebrity Business Card? [Inspiration]

In our digital day an age, some might assume that the business card is on its way out, however, when you look at the wonderfully broad spectrum of creativity you can have when designing a business card, you soon realize there is more than enough life left in them yet. The thing is, what would you put on your business card, and more to the point, what would you include if you were famous? It may sound unusual, but when you consider how many celebrities have used business cards to help them network, it soon becomes a more than valid question.

Before you start putting it all down in final print, you need to consider what design you’d utilize – would you keep it traditional, subtle, vivid, outlandish, and/or all of the above? Looking at the wide selection of famous business cards to grace the net, it would seem celebrities tend to use a a mixture of all those elements. Take Lady Gaga for example, the pop diva needs no introduction, and uses her name alone to do all the introducing she’ll ever need. Furthermore, she chooses to list herself as the creative director, rather than saying she’s a singer and song writer.

This in turn brings us to the next hurdle you need to jump: what information should you put on your card? In truth, it comes down to how you want to present yourself, you can do the statement approach like Mark Zuckerberg’s ‘I’m CEO, Bitch’ and leave it at that, or you can take a leaf out of Andy Warhol’s book, combining your personality and skills to create a truly unique business card? Regardless of your final decision, you need to make sure that your card stands out from the rest, but how would you actually go about successfully doing that?

First and foremost, playing with shapes and design mechanisms go along way, Houdini threw the traditional rectangular design out the window and opted for a triangular one. You can also try making a card that does more than state your digits, but that actually doubles up as something else. Bryce Bell, a mechanical engineer for GB Cannon, has a business card that can be transformed into a catapult, which perfectly summarizes his skills and capabilities.

There is so much scope to play around with that you can sometimes get lost in the creativity of it all, however, one thing is for sure, by using professional sites like instantprint, you can produce the very best business card to suit you. Better still, you don’t have to be a celebrity to have an ingenious and different card, you just need the right resources.

Some business card inspiration from famous people


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