When Less Is More: 26 Magnificent Minimalist Business Cards

Nowadays anyone who is anyone will have a business card, so ensuring that yours stands out from the crowd can be very difficult. You can either go down the route of having unique or quirky cards that act as a beacon of your greatness or you could go the other way and opt for a smooth, sophisticated card that stands out just because it oozes ‘cool’. Below are our pick of the best minimalist business cards out there. We think you’ll agree that none of them need any extra bells or whistles to promote their owners.

To start us off we have a really well designed card that gives you all the important information that you need whilst still showing great touches of design. This card really stands by the quality of the letterpress, if the details weren’t as crisp it just wouldn’t have the same subtle impact.

This card is very simple and stylish, the typeface used was designed by the owner himself and that along with the white cotton paper it really shows the level of quality involved.

When Enspired. designed a new logo & site they wanted their business cards to reflect the clean and minimalist style. They’ve cleverly incorporated the cross hatch design on both sides of the card without it overpowering the contact information.

As with many other minimalist designs this card uses very little colour, the only place you’ll find it here is around the edges. The tactile nature of the card also makes it stand out against the usual smooth laminated finish of business cards.

When bellucci high class clothing stores wanted business cards they were never going to be oddly shaped or made out of some strange material, they were going to look and feel like a million bucks. We think you’ll agree these cards definitely represent the stylish nature of the stores.

This card shows that minimal doesn’t have to mean plain white cards with your basic contact details on them. It cleverly uses an opaque strip across the middle of a transparent plastic card. By doing this it immediately draws your eye to the details on the card.

When designing these cards the designer mentions that the client was in the process of setting up a new telephone number and so the grid was included on the cards so that they could put the number on there once it was set up. This is a very smart use of design as not only did it remove the potential extra costs of reprints once the phone line was set up but it also acts as a great talking point.

These cards really are minimalist with only the logo and company name being included. These may not give out the individual’s details but they definitely peak interest in the company, who they are and what they do (It also helps that they have a name like Purple Carrot!).

By slightly shifting the part of the graphic (as if it was cut through with a samurai sword) the designer here has already made us notice their card.

This card sticks with the simple black on white print. However the use of a barcode helps to draw the eye in.

As with other cards on this list this doesn’t follow the traditional feelings on minimalism, by arranging all the contact details like this really makes people to have to stop & look at the card to see what’s going on rather than just giving it a quick glance and then putting it in their pocket.

This card for an industrial and interior designer cleverly integrates the materials they use into their logo, whilst still achieving a clean and crisp finish to the card.

The use of the semi translucent plastic moves this card away from the usual minimalist format and causes you to stop and take notice of them. They also give you a great sense of the company and the brand behind them.

This card shows that minimalist doesn’t always have to be razor sharp; these business cards by artist Laura Moretz show off her style of art very well.

These cards are great as the different background colours and silhouettes really help make them stand out. I’d probably want to double check the proof before they went off to the printers though, I wouldn’t want to get the wrong one!

You would not be forgiven for not knowing whose card this is after it’s been handed to you. The minimalist style of the cards also translates across onto Colin’s site which brings the two together very well.

Although ‘the mission’ might sound a bit like sales speak you can’t fault this card for not putting across their owner’s message!

As with quite a few other designs, Joey Teehan’s business cards cover all the required contact information with as little fuss as possible. By styling the card in this way the details really stand out on the card and no one can use the excuse that they didn’t know how to contact them!

The elegant letterpress printing coupled with the pure cotton paper makes this card stand out. The choice of font is also very clever as I don’t think a thicker font would work half as well and would really detract from the overall style.

These cards by 1in0 would definitely not be one of those that gets immediately put in the wallet and forgotten about, the use of letterpress on these cards not only adds texture to the cards but also differentiates the contact details from the company name and strapline.

I like the way that there is a very short description of the person so you can be in no doubt of what they do. The detail comes from the extra thick, heavy metallic silver card used.

The simple list of contact details & minimalist company logo on these cards go really well with the empty space. Imagine if there was a lot of information or colour on these cards, the details would definitely not stand out as much as they do here.?

These cards were designed with touch and texture more in mind that the actual graphics with embossing contrasting well against the mottled effect of the card stock.

When thinking of minimalist business cards you might think that because of the small amount of detail on the card there would be a lot of empty or white space. These cards follow the trend of only including the basic of contact information but it has been printed in such a way that the information takes up the whole one side of the card.

These cards for the art gallery Kaimark contain very little contact details with the varying different textures providing the interest.

Like previous cards on this list these cards for Brilliancy don’t follow the standard white card/ black text format with the metallic finish on the stock and printing, adding subtle design to the cards.

There are plenty more great example of minimalist business cards out there and this list could have been a lot longer but then it would have been very strange seeing a list about minimalist design that contained too many examples, wouldn’t have it? If there’s any you’ve found that aren’t included let me know in the comments.

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