Where to Find Work as a Start Up Freelance Designer


Finding Jobs and Projects to work on as a Start up Freelance Designer can be harder than finding a needle in a haystack at times. I went ahead and layed out a few aspects you can look at and use to help you find work as a freelance designer. With the internet evolving and all businesses having some kind of online presence coming across to them is easier than it was a few years ago. Although you have to still have a remarkable portfolio behind your name the actual interaction between meeting the client and explaining to him or her what you do has sort of moved on to Interactive Portfolios that can be viewed online.

Freelancing as a lot of you might know is a very popular discussed topic here on Creativeoverflow. We have covered quite a lot of aspects with all the past articles that have been written but, in this case a new topic has arisen. I have been getting quite volumes of questions concerning freelancing jobs and projects. Freelancing is definitely one of the hardest jobs in the world, especially because you have to do everything yourself. If you don’t do anything nothing happens and you don’t get paid. Freelancing is a much riskier job than any other especially because you don’t have security and that is why you have to work extra hard to keep things going and the money rolling in.


Freelance Job Boards

Let’s start off by looking at Freelance Job Boards: Job boards are a good place to start off and build your client resume, yes you won’t always see thousands of dollars flung around to the freelancers but, that’s only because the advertising party is looking for a designer for a once off job and to get it done quickly and efficiently. Yes some Employers will reuse that freelancer if they are happy with them but, that is all up to them. Let’ s look at some job boards you can use to find yourself some decent jobs. All these job boards I am mentioning are FREE to use.





Design Jobs on the Wall








Simply Hired




Authentic Jobs


Offline Jobs

You might think going freelance is going to consist totally of Internet use, well it isn’t. You are still going to have to face a client and work hand in hand with them until the project finishes. There are a couple of things you can do to ensure that you are ready for the offline clients as well. Remember you want a job or a project so you have to look and be professional. It doesn’t help walking into a guy in business hours wearing no shoes, a tank top, baggies and then handing him a piece of paper with your number on. The guy is going to throw it in the trash. You have to be prepared: You have to look neat and elegant within business hours, you have to have business cards for clients seeking more information, you should come across as professional and kind.

Business Card Inspiration

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Creative Business Cards


The Coolest Business Cards


I can’t really show you how you should dress up and the way you should speak. All I can say is that you should handle situations professionally at all times, you never know who you will end up doing a job for. Ensure that you have a portfolio online that represent who you truly are and the best of your abilities.

Goodluck to Finding Jobs.

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