Why Google created Buzz

Is there really a buzz, or is this just another way of make sure that we never see sunlight? I am a huge fan of Google and I think that search is getting better by the day. Some of Google’s apps have literally change my life and the way I do business.

Having recently read two books on Google, Googled by Ken Auletta and The Google Story by David A. Vise and Mark Malseed I understand their obsession with analyzing information. It therefore came as no surprise that Google tried to purchase Twitter (that is a real-time pool of information). Having been unsuccessful in acquiring Twitter Google has now built their own, Google Buzz.

They did not implement this in any subtle way either, they forced in onto their current user by building the app straight into the Gmail user interface. Unlike hundreds of other Google apps that we have never heard about Google Buzz is been forced on us, somehow giving me the feeling of desperation on the part of Google, not inspiration.

For some reason I do not think that Buzz was designed with us, the users in mind. Google designed this with their own self interest in real-time search in mind. For more on Google’s reasoning behind Buzz, Watch Kevin Rose’s Video log.

That said, I’m always eager to try new technologies, so I signed up and added a couple of people that I am already following on Twitter and Facebook. Google Buzz seems to be based on a “Forum” type of setup(for lack of geek speak). It didn’t take long for the post to fill up with page after page of comments and replies. I scanned through them and after a week, I closed my account. I’m sorry but I don’t have the time to invest in Google Buzz. Its to much useless information that does not add value.

I’ve found a lot of value in Twitter. It is a great way to link up with like minded individuals and share short SMS like snippets of information. Facebook has helped me rekindle relationship with long lost friend, and have really made it easy to grow relationship with people. These apps have enriched my life and have added value.

I can’t find any value that Google Buzz is going to add to my already information overloaded life. Even down to Google’s intro video clip(that they have now replaced) “If you are thinking of Butterflies, Post in on Buzz, so that your followers can think of butterflies too.” – it appears that their is no real value here, just another time waster.

When it comes to technology I subscribe to Tim Ferriss’s delegate, automate and eliminate view on life. It is so easy to get distracted by social media, and miss out on living real life, that I would have to give buzz a thumbs down.

If anyone would like to enlighten my highly uninformed opinion of Google Buzz and how it can add value to my business and life, or what it can do better than Twitter of Facebook, please let me know.

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