Why is the Mona Lisa So Famous?

Creativity and Art

Ever noticed that whenever people have a discussion about art somehow it diverts to become a topic on creativity. But many do believe that the two have no connection whatsoever. Creativity is not art but we can definitely say that art is creativity.

The reason why we are so comfortable saying that is because art is design, the ability to manipulate anything that comes to mind. It does involve a little bit of creativity but it is not creativity. Art is the freedom of interpretation that has no rules, unlike south african casino games they have many rules. You can decide to see a different thing from what everyone else can see or hear or feel. That is art.

The famous painting of Mona Lisa is worth talking about. It is not a usual thing when people mention art and do not mention the painting of Mona Lisa.

Mona Lisa Playing Cards

What really is the fuss about this painting. Seeing it for the first time well we bet you all have thought, ok, this is just a pretty woman with a nice smile and looking very modest. With no jewelry or makeup whatsoever. But is that what this is about?

We would like to think so. But again it is also because of the talented hands of the legendary Leonardo da Vinci. Only the real artists would understand the meaning of detail. The Mona Lisa painting shows the handling of sfumato among other great techniques that only the talented and skillful are able to possess, just like most of the creative online casino games visit site if you would like to see more.

If you are to look at that painting very carefully you will think it is a photo that was taken. And with that, you fail to find a reason for the admiration for the great painting.

What better way to appreciate the painting but to have Mona Lisa playing cards. To be honest it would only make sense this way. Playing cards have paintings that are ancient and very artistic. And we did mention that there is no art without Mona Lisa. And there you have it enjoy using Mona Lisa playing cards.  

Featured image by Juan Di Nella

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