Why New Copywriters Should Start With Catalog Copywriting

Well, catalog copywriting is considered to be the easiest of all writing. It is not that it does not require skills or expertise, but somehow it is the easiest thing to get into. Of course, this is the main reason why most freelancers start out writing for catalogs; there are many other reasons too.

Quick earning
Yes, it is hard to be patient at first. There are still people in this world that doubt that freelance writers really make money. So when one of these people wants to build up their beliefs, they need some money quickly. Other forms of writing do not pay upfront and have a long process of approvals and revisions before one finally gets paid. Catalogs are easy, short and do not always require revisions and hence good option for new freelance writers to maintain their cash flow.

Low work pressure
The deadlines in catalog copywriting process are more reasonable than others. There are no last minute changes like sales letters and mailers. There will never be a crazy deadline that keeps you up all night and if you are a little organized you would be able to handle it easily.

It builds your skills
Catalogs have no place for fluff or bad grammar. The text should be to the point and if it goes in print, there is no way you can correct it. So you need to be perfect with your words and the punctuations. You need to be crisp and capable of creating an impact within a small space.

Leaves you time
Catalog copywriting is not as exhausting and leaves you the time to write for yourself. If you have a business and you write for your own products, they sell like a dream. If you want to work at your own blog or even write a book, you have time to work on your own project rather than just writing for money. You need not do it full time and can club it with another job or studies. There is also an option to remain a freelancer or get a full time high paying job in future.

Hassle free job

Writing for catalogs is relatively hassle free writing job. If you are into writing an ad copy, you might earn a lot writing just a few lines, but the responsibility is great too. The cost of such writing is not in the number of words but the impact they create. In addition, it is a big industry with lot of money so you don’t have to worry about things working out with one person or the other.

Of course, no job is perfect and every job requires hard work and sincerity. Once you do it, you know whether it is working out for you or not. There are many examples of successful writers starting elsewhere and making it big. There are good chances of you doing well if you start working as a freelance catalog copywriter.

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