Why Pre-Built Websites Could be a Productivity Game Changer

Every so often, a new and innovative approach surfaces to make creating a website easier than ever. Up until now, website creators have always been faced with several choices: 1) Do the design, and turn the coding over to a developer, 2) do both the design and development, or 3), turn the entire project over to a professional.

Each has its pros and cons, but there is a new approach to building a website, and it can be a game-changer.

Instead of sketching out a conceptual design and creating a wireframe model, the starting point is a pre-built website. It is editable, and it is fully customizable.

  • Your conceptual design is only a click away, allowing you to get off to a rapid start.
  • The tools are affordable. They cost a small fraction of the cost of turning the project over to a professional developer.
  • The savings in time and effort will significantly increase your productivity.

Pick an example from the pre-built website pages shown below (source: Be WordPress Theme). Imagine how quickly you could create a website when you have the freedom to replace text and images with your own.




Web Design


IT Service



Using Muffin Builder 3 to Edit a BeTheme Pre-built Website

Start with one of BeTheme’s more than 150 pre-built websites. It takes but 1 click to install. Having done that, the next step is to begin t build the website you have in mind with Muffin Builder 3. This latest version of the popular page builder enables Be, a ThemeForest top seller, to perform better than ever.

The video shows you why. Muffin Builder 3 has a cleaner, easier to follow user interface, improved navigation, and faster than ever data transfer. Muffin Builder has always been an intuitive tool to work with, but this newest version is something that you should look into.

The video shows a significant amount of design activity in less than two minutes. You can’t be expected to turn out a finished website in that short amount of time. You can however, expect to do some rapid-fire editing once you’ve taken Muffin Builder around the block a couple of times. Creating a website in a few hours that is guaranteed to please a client is definitely a realistic objective.

The content in your website can show significant improvement as well, thanks to Muffin Builder 3’s Wraps section. Its enhanced search capability will definitely cut down on the time it takes to find the design elements you need as you proceed.

BeTheme + Pre-Built Website + Muffin Builder 3 = A Highly Satisfied Client

What BeTheme Brings to the Table


BeTheme not only has the tools you need to get your project off to a rapid start; but those same tools will help you maintain your momentum until you’re ready to deliver a finished product to your client.

  • It starts with the choice of 155 pre-built websites, each of which takes but a single click to install, and any one of which can do double duty as a conceptual design for your website. 8 new pre-built websites are added every month.
  • 119 of these pre-built websites contain multiple pre-built, fully customizable pages. Select any one of these multi-page websites and you’ll be off to an even faster start.
  • Muffin Builder 3 helps you maintain your momentum. If you are a Visual Composer user, it can be used with BeTheme as well, or you can use both page builders.
  • Be’s 40 core features offer limitless website design possibilities. In addition to a selection of different grids, there are 13 header styles, 200 shortcodes, a variety of sidebars, portfolio and page layout choices, and a host of widgets, icons, and other design elements.
  • You will find the 1 click skin generator and the 12 skins choices invaluable. The same is true for Be’s layouts configurator and the Muffin Mega Menu.
  • If having your SEO, WooCommerce, Responsive, WPML, Retina, and RTL ready is important, the tools you need are at your fingertips.

As essential as these features can be for any project, their impact could be negated if the support you sometimes need to put them into practice is not there. Be’s support is not only reliable and dependable – it is rock solid.

What Users Have to Say

There has to be a reason why BeTheme is a ThemeForest top seller, and why more than 21,500 copies have been sold to date. There are in fact a number of reasons for Be’s widespread use and popularity, some of which have been touched on earlier.

It’s easy to elaborate on the benefits a WordPress theme delivers, but the proof of the pudding lies in what the users are thinking.
– typical examples of user’s comments and feedback:

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You can Always Expect Top-of-the-Line Support

You have a question. Your only choice is to submit it via email, with a guarantee you will receive an answer within 2 business days. Sound familiar? You can be forgiven if you decide to look elsewhere for a solution to your website-building needs.

This will never happen to a BeTheme user. Customer service is only a click away. You can always expect to receive a prompt, courteous response by an expert. Be’s customer support team will go out of their way to give you the help you need.

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The video gives a good illustration of how powerful the combination of a pre-built website and a premium page builder can be, and why BeTheme is suddenly creating a stir.

If you are not yet completely convinced, visit the BeTheme website, browse the selection of pre-built websites that are ready for you to use, and take advantage of a free demo. If you’ve been looking for an affordable website building approach that will enable you to deliver a quality product on or ahead of schedule time and again — this is the solution you’ve been looking for.


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