Why Shoot In Black & White? Here Are 24 Photos That Will Show You.

In a colour-filled world where humans are typically attracted to the abstract and vibrant, why shoot in black and white?

Well there’s actually many reasons why shooting in black and white (whether photography or film) makes sense. Here are just a few:

  1. Colour can be distracting and can take away from the focus of the shot.
  2. A black and white image has the potential to make light intensity pop and gives the artist flexibility in working with different shades of lighting.
  3. When the viewer isn’t distracted by colour, the emotion of the shot is really emphasized.
  4. Again, the absence of colour makes a shot timeless; removing time by removing colour… pretty cool!
  5. Removes imperfections and smoothens colour/light tones.
  6. The lack of colour makes a shot minimalistic.

To highlight these points, I’ve put together 24 black and white photos (some with a touch of colour.) Enjoy!

Credit to respective artists.

bw-1credit: Paulo Valdivieso

bw-2credit: Simon Harrod

bw-3credit: zeitfaenger.at

bw-4credit: jack wickes

bw-5credit: Wendelin Jacober

bw-6credit: Chris Combe

bw-7credit: Ray Bilcliff

bw-8credit: Gerry Dincher

bw-9credit: Wyncliffe

bw-10credit: Lenny K Photography

bw-11credit: Alan Eng

bw-12credit: Damien CORBY

bw-13credit: Dawn

bw-14credit: Nick Page

bw-15credit: Giannis Arvanitakis

bw-16credit: Lenny K Photography

bw-17credit: William Murphy

bw-18credit: Jonathan Oakley

bw-19credit: Federico Feroldi

bw-20credit: Dave White

bw-21credit: Alex Matravers

bw-22credit: Chris Combe

bw-23credit: Enid Martindale

bw-24credit: Ray Bilcliff


If you’re looking to add emotion, remove distractions, play with lighting, make a shot timeless, remove imperfections, and/ or make a shot minimalistic; try shooting in black and white. In a world full of colour, black and white can really standout!

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