Why Stickers can be good for Marketing Your Business

You look at stickers daily. If you open your fridge, stand in the shower, get into your car or drive to work. You will always be looking at some form of sticker. Now why would I say sticker printing could work for your business? Well there are definitely a few points to highlight my actual reason, so I will lay them out for you below.

People love stickers

Yes, it’s true. People love sticking stickers. I don’t know if its the adhesive smell when the peal back the contact layer or the rush they get by decorating something, but people love stickers. So if your business gives out free stickers, that have a meaning to them or carry some value. You can be guaranteed that people will be using the stickers to stick somewhere.

Stickers are better than print material

I did indeed just make that claim. I feel that stickers are more useful than print material that usually end up in the bin anyway. Stickers can be stuck in places where print material wouldn’t dare enter. That does sound intense, but it’s true. Stickers can promote a product much better than flyers can, because people see value in stickers.

You can be creative with your stickers

Perhaps you want to run an April Fools marketing campaign for your business, so why not print a bunch of funny slogan stickers and hand them out on the day or insert them into newspapers or have them stationed at checkout counters in stores. People will be drawn to the stickers because of the funny lines and also because it is free to do with what they want.

People love free stuff

Yes, just because something sticky and valuable is free, people will use it. They will stick it in places you couldn’t imagine and use it for things unheard of. That is exactly what you want from the campaign though. You want the stickers to broaden the company reach and become famous in its circles.

These are simple points, but yet you catch my drift. So before you go out and print flyers, rather spend a bit more and get some stickers printed. You definitely won’t be sorry.

Image credit: 32StiCKS by baloMC

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