Why Web Designers Should Have Professional Indemnity Insurance

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Providing high quality designs on time and to budget is a safe way to keep clients happy – and also gain new ones. Most of your projects probably finish with a happy client, paid invoice and maybe even an introduction to a new client. But as almost all web designers have experienced at some point in their career, any number of factors can cause a project to be delayed.

Many are unaware of the potential damage that can be done to their Web Development Company should a claim be made against them as a result of an unexpected setback. Whether it is an error in a website design, a visitor injuring themselves at your office, or the theft of computer equipment, your finances could be put under huge pressure if a claim was brought against your business.

Professional indemnity insurance is vital for web designers as it protects against allegations of professional negligence. Many of your clients will be relying on your website design to support and further their own businesses, so any problems with your design could result in financial loss for them. Professional indemnity insurance will cover the cost of defending your business against such claim and, if unsuccessful, the cost of the damages awarded against you. Markel offer professional indemnity insurance for your web design business at www.markeluk.com.

Copyright infringement is one area that regularly sees claims brought against web designers. Using an unlicensed or incorrectly licensed copyrighted image on a web design, even if it was completely unintentional, could see legal action taken against you. Errors in website code is another area of exposure for web designers – if you code the website yourself, or use a subcontractor to do this work for you, and the website is deemed to be unfit for purpose, your client may take legal action against you to recover the costs of putting your mistake right.

Other risks
The risks involved with producing work for clients are not the only ones in your business. If you visit client offices, or they visit you (either at home or at your office) public and product liability insurance will cover you in the event of a client injuring themselves as a result of your negligence (for example. if they slipped on a wet floor) or if you damage a client’s property during the course of your business’ activities.

Protecting your computer equipment
In addition to covering your liabilities to your clients and other third parties, it’s important to cover the tools of your trade. Laptops, screens and expensive design software can cost thousands of pounds to replace; office contents insurance will protect against damage and theft whilst on your business premises (and in some instances, on a worldwide basis – but check your policy), minimising the cost of replacing vital equipment if the worst should happen.

If you work from home, make sure you check with your current home insurer that your business equipment is covered – in many cases home insurance doesn’t extend to cover business activities, in which case you should consider arranging separate, specialist cover for your equipment.

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