Win 5 Bundles of Keynotopia($120) courtesy of Appsumo

We have partnered with Appsumo once again. This time bringing you a awesome giveaway that I know a lot of app/web designers will love. We are giving away 5 full bundles of Keynotopia usually valued at $120 a bundle. Is that great or what? Let’s find out a bit more about the sponsor and the prize. Obviously you also want to know how to enter right? That’s stated below too.

Appsumo (The Sponsor)

We’re AppSumo, and yes, this is completely legit. AppSumo partners with people who make the best apps out there to offer you exclusive deals on their products. As long as you’re subscribed to our list, we promise to only send you awesome emails letting you know when our next deal is ready to catch fire.

Keynotopia (The Prize)

Prototype Like A Pro Using Tools You Know. Design user interfaces and create interactive mockups for web, mobile, and desktop apps in 30 minutes or less (just like Domino’s)

Why this is awesome
Design elegant user interfaces without messing with pixels, layers or colors. Simply copy interface elements from a Keynotopia library onto your slides to create your UI screens.

Create interactivity and animation in seconds, without writing code. Add hyperlinks to make the interface clickable, and use slide transitions to animate it.

Export and test your prototypes on mobile devices without doing any extra work. Simply save your prototype as clickable PDF and test it with users or send it to stakeholders to play with.

Annotate and share your prototypes with your team members, instead of writing long spec documents. Add comments and slide notes, then share it and get feedback via

What you get

All prototyping bundles (2,000+ vector UI components) for Apple Keynote, Microsoft PowerPoint, and OpenOffice Impress. Components are designed from scratch in each presentation tool, and are fully editable and customizable without needing additional applications. Keynotopia includes components for prototyping iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows mobile, BlackBerry, Web, Facebook, OSX and Windows 7 apps. New components are added regularly, and all updates are free forever. With the AppSumo bundle, you also get all future Keynotopia libraries for free!
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Deal: Appsumo – Keynotopia 66% Off

If you don’t think you stand a chance of winning one of the 5 bundles to be given away here. You are more than welcome to purchase the Appsumo/Keynotpia deal straight from Appsumo’s website. It immediately offers the entire bundle for $40 which is 66% off of the original price. Now that’s a great deal isn’t it? P.S You have to subscribe to their list to be eligible to purchase from their site.

How to Win

All you have to do is tweet the sentence below and leave a comment on the page. Yes, its that easy. Remember the deal is only valid for 4 days and the winners will be announced once the deal has expired.

Three winners will be selected at random and contacted to collect there prizes. Good luck to everyone that’s entering and remember you only have 3 days to enter. Make it count.

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    would love to win so that I can use the software to get me out of the daily grind!

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