Working At Home: Keys To Success For a Designer

The trend of allowing designers to work at home does not look like it is close to stopping. This added freedom can be an incredibly attractive option and is the ultimate perk. Whether you run your own business or work for a company production is of utmost importance. Failing to produce in the case of working for a company will lead to you losing your job or the opportunity to work from home. In the case of a freelancer not producing can lead to clients dropping you and even blacklisting you. The following are tips to success when a designer is working from home.

Don’t Skimp On Equipment

Designers need high-resolution everything especially if they are designing something that will be in print. The costs of necessary software can be written off on taxes and most companies will provide software for their designers. All designers know what they will need to work to the best of their abilities. Skimping on things like advertising budget can lead to a designer not being able to find enough work. Invest in your home-based business as it offers you a freedom that many people only dream about. Whether you are investing in cloud server hosting for your freelance business or a new piece of the latest software, these are not places to cut corners.

Be Clear With Managers and Clients Via Email

Communication is important for designers for various reasons. A designer not communicating difficulties to a client might produce something the client is not happy with. With all of the screen sharing programs and video calls, there should be no lag between what you produce and what the client desires. If you are managing other designers you need to be as clear as possible in emails. You might be working with some designers that do not speak the best English. A translation program can help a manager give as clear of instructions as possible. Recap emails after having a call are important as clients can refer to it if they have forgotten a specific detail of the call.

Take a Few Breaks

Taking breaks throughout the day even if it is just to take a 10-minute walk around the neighborhood. This helps improve your circulation and has been shown to improve production. Those that live in a city can even take a break to do some good old-fashioned people watching. Pets can be the perfect distraction while you are taking your break. Use these breaks to revitalize yourself and get some caffeine in your system. There is some work from home professionals that also exercise while they are completing work. This could be a stationary bike with a desk attachment or a treadmill desk which can be a bit more tricky to master. Sedentary jobs are not good for your health so mitigating this can also improve productivity as well as mental/physical health.

Work Outside of the Home

There are times where our artistic drive simply is not there. Working outside can give you inspiration and a change of scenery once a week is actually good for production. In warmer climates, there are parks that will allow you to connect to the public internet so you can enjoy the nice weather. Even beachfront restaurants have internet so you can work with a beautiful view. Even a coffee shop can help you ward off distractions as you will have nobody there to distract you (hopefully). Even going to another person’s home to work who also works from home can give you an office vibe as you will not want to interrupt each other.

Sound Canceling Headphones Never Hurt

Those designers working at home understand the distraction an overly needy pet or significant other can be. Sound canceling headphones can help you get into the groove with whatever project you are working on. You don’t even need to listen to music as you will be left alone on account of having the headphones on. There are quite a few brands that have tried their hand in the sound canceling headphone niche, Bose and Beats By Dre being the most popular.

Production for a designer can be abundantly profitable but lacking productivity can lead to an unemployed computer geek. Do not lose the opportunity to work from home as it is the best perk of the job! Do not sacrifice your quality of work simply to meet production goals as you would rather complete a project correctly. Designers have a great opportunity to work from anywhere in the world, take advantage.

Featured image by JD Mason

Michael keeps himself busy by writing about design, arts, psychology, and how they intertwine. He grew up in a small town in Montana and now resides in Austin with his wife and dog, Bailey.